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Are you looking for a Melbourne based video production company that can help you with your social media marketing?

Social media posts with video have 48% more views.

Social media marketing is important for any business that wants to connect with their customers in an authentic way, but if you’re not using video to engage your audience then you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools available.

It’s obvious that people respond positively to videos on social media as videos substantially improve engagement rates for social media posts, campaigns and advertisements.

A video is worth a thousand words, and among the most engaging social media posts are videos. Humans have an innate attention tendency to absorb a greater amount of information via the moving image in combination to listening to information conveyed audibly, and this is what makes video so engaging.

Additionally, creative and unique stories delivered with high-quality visuals and a clear call to action will drive social engagement further still.

However, let’s face it, social media can be a bit of a pain. Between the constant requirement to plan, create and distribute a never ending stream of content, creating great content to keep up with your users favourite social channels can feel like a full time job.

    How Can Video Outcomes Social Media Video Production Help?

    At Video Outcomes Video Productions we will help you create engaging videos that will grow your brand and boost sales through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram (and other) video marketing campaigns.

    We’re based in Melbourne, Australia and we’ll work with you every step of the way from concept to completion so that we get exactly what we need while making sure that everything fits within your budget. Our team has worked with businesses across multiple industries including e-commerce, restaurants, retail stores, law firms, real estate agencies and more!

    With our social media video production services, we’ll take care of everything from scriptwriting to filming to editing so all you have to worry about is how you want to shape your content. We offer competitive pricing and flexible packages so it’s easy for anyone in Melbourne to afford us.

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      What Kinds Of Social Media Video Production Services Do We Offer?


      Here is where most of the hard work should go. The more we prepare now the better the overall video result will be.

      Pre-production includes a variety of tasks that may vary depending on the type of video you want to make and the type of footage you wish to capture.

      Video Outcomes offers social video pre-production services such as:

      • Script Writing
      • Development of Questionnaires to produce natural and confident responses from non-professional performing talent (anyone that isn’t an actor!).
      • Location Scouting
      • Booking of additional staff, equipment and locations.
      • Application for permits including location and drone approval permits from CASA

      Production for Social Media Videos

      Production is where all your hard work and planning will come to life. We will begin to capture the footage and audio required to complete your corporate video.

      Video Outcomes offers Melbourne based social media video production services such as:

      • Cinematography and Camera Operation
      • Professional Audio Recording and Field Recording
      • Lighting
      • Drone Operation
      • Hair and Make-Up


      The post-production phase is where your footage will start to come to life as the final video.

      The time that went into planning your video during the pre-production phase will begin to show.

      Social Media Video Post-production services that Video Outcomes offer are:

      Social Media Video Distribution

      Not only do will we take care of getting your video content back to you in a variety of aspect ratios suitable for desktop and phone viewing, we can take care of your marketing campaigns as well.

      We are social media marketing experts that can target your content to those that are most likely to view it, and most importantly, respond to your call-to-action such as a click, call or purchase.

      We can manage your paid social media video campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

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      All About Social Media Video Production

      What is Social Media Video Production?

      Social Media video production is the process of creating high quality videos for people and organisations that are utilising social media channels to reach their audience.

      This includes businesses looking to increase brand awareness, generate leads or generate sales from the public on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter.

      At Video Outcomes we enjoy digital marketing as much as we love creating engaging and effective content for social channels. We can help steer the ship a little when it comes to the type of content that will generate traffic and eventually sales or conversions on your website.

      Video Outcomes video production studio. Camera operator films social media video production

      How is Social Media Video Production Useful?

      You need professional Melbourne social media production company because it increases your chances of getting more views, clicks, and followers. Better quality also indirectly helps with conversions — for example a greater conversion rate or higher purchase value.

      The popularity of videos on sites such as YouTube means that creating professional quality video can help you create an attractive marketing proposition that will draw in your audience’s attention.

      The power of visual content coupled with professionally produced voice-overs means that you have the potential to make a good impression on your would be customers within seconds – meaning they are likely to stay and watch without needing time to get used to what you’re showing them first.

      Types of Social Video Content We Create

      At Video Outcomes we love social media videos! We know how to create videos that create views, shares and likes. We know how to use them in targeted advertising campaigns so we know all about how to target social videos to those that want to watch them.

      We are Melbourne based content creators that specialise in:

      • Brand Videos
      • Product Videos
      • Facebook Advertisements & Sponsored Content
      • LinkedIn Advertisements & Sponsored Content
      • Youtube Advertisements & Sponsored Content
      • Product Demonstration Videos
      • Video Podcasts
      • Interview Style Videos
      • Corporate Social Responsibility Videos
      • Community Awareness Videos
      • Corporate Videos

      For the most part Video Outcomes is creating social media video content for Melbourne based businesses that will be used in paid social media advertisements. That is to say we are creating social media video content that will be seen and that will ask something of those that watch it. For example videos that ask:

      • Would you like to learn more?
      • Would you like to purchase?
      • Would you like to sign up?
      • Can you help?

      What Are The Steps in Using Video Outcomes for Your Next Social Media Video Production?

      Request A Consultation:

      Simply send us a message via our contact page and let us know good time to contact you by phone.

      After a quick conversation about your business goals we will ask you to provide:

      1. Your current website address
      2. Some examples of other reference videos that you would like your final video to be similar to
      3. Who your video’s intended audience is
      4. Call to actions
      5. Required timeline to deliver your final video
      6. If you have a budget in mind

      Project Costings & Timeline:

      We will provide you a production brief, an estimate of costs and an estimated timeline to achieve these results and present these to you in a production brief for you to review.

      We would love to visit you in person to discuss you project!

      What kind of equipment do we use?

      Camera Equipment

      We use a variety of cameras depending on the job requirements.

      Most often we utilise cinema quality cameras from the Blackmagic Design range including a mix of 4k and 6k cameras. These cameras often greater image quality but will produce larger files sizes (not something you will have to worry about on your end).

      We also utilise cameras from the Sony mirrorless range.

      Camera Lenses

      We use a range of lenses that utilise a range of focal lengths.

      Our Canon L series lenses produce the sharpest image quality for our customers.

      Professional Audio Equipment

      We utilise a wide range of microphones for indoor and outdoor audio recordings including:

      • Scheops CMC6 hypercardioid microphones
      • Sankedn CS-e3 shotgun microphones
      • DPA – Lapel Microphones
      • Zoom F8 field recorders

      Editing and Post Production Equipment

      We edit out videos using Adobe Premiere Pro

      We Colour our videos using Davinci Resolve

      We create motion graphics and animations using Adobe After Effects

      We master and denoise audio files using Adobe Audition

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