Faro Negro

Faro Negro

Faro Negro tells timeless stories with a twist, seamlessly drawing on a rich tapestry of rhythms, instruments and cultures. A performance art group focusing on multi-modal pieces, Faro Negro, collaborates with poets, dancers, storytellers, film makers, sound designers and production people to create works that are composed, scripted and carefully organised.


“Our hope is to tell stories in sound, enhanced with poetry in English and Spanish, supported by evocative soundscapes. Sonic tales of culture and the people we share it with.”


Faro Negro have performed, separately and together, in a wide range of festivals and concert venues in Australia and abroad. Faro Negro puts on a high quality show and can fully engage their audience. A great addition to festival programs and concert series. This group presents original Australian music inspired by the music of Latin America. The music is rich and accessible and has the clarity and consideration of chamber music with the accent of jazz and world music. The music can be fragile and intimate at one moment and expressive and lively the next.

Video Outcomes created Faro Negro’s social media videos that were run as teasers for an upcoming performance. Video Outcomes also managed the Facebook advertising campaign leading up to their performance.



Faro Negro


12, Feb, 2020


Social Media Video Production, Web Video Production