We make great content and know how to get it seen!

Video Outcomes is a Melbourne based team of video content creators with years of expertise creating online ads using video.

We create videos to sell, inform and most importantly…to be seen!
We not only understand every aspect of how to make great video content but we know how to get it in front of your audience and how to make them view, click and purchase too.
Distribution of your newly created video content using paid online advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn takes knowledge and experience for the best results.
The best results come from great targeting…and great video!
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Video Outcomes offers businesses and organisations based Melbourne and rest of Victoria access to a wealth of previously acquired data and knowledge in the area of online promotion.


Using Google and Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn we have helped a wide range of businesses distribute their video messages to the audiences they can help the most.


We love creating corporate video, interviews and testimonials, brand and product videos and social media video content for all industries.

Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti is the founder and lead content strategist at Video Outcomes, a Melbourne based digital marketing agency specialising in video marketing, video production and videography based in Melbourne, Australia and founded in 2017. Chris is a passionate video production, videography and SEO expert creating amazing multi-use content for a variety of platforms including video content for websites and ppc campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn since 2014 . On the days he is not making videos he is making music and playing with his kids.

A Few Examples of Our Promotional Videos

A Few Examples of Our Healthcare and Medical Videos

How Can We Help?

We’re here to help! Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect promotional video for your business. We’ll take care of everything from scripting and storyboarding, casting, filming and editing your video, all the way to managing your targeted video marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn. We consider where a video will be used, who the target market is, what the call to action is, and how your audience should engage with your content (through click, purchase, video view).

Video Outcomes Video Productions and Videographers specialises in creating high quality short form video content for local businesses like yours. By working with us you’ll save time and money on hiring a full-time production team or expensive freelance videographers while getting custom made marketing videos at an affordable price.

Contact us today for more information on pricing and packages available. If you live within 2 hrs of Melbourne let’s grab a coffee!

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