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We provide access to some of industries most-talented colour graders. Our graders and colourists have worked on feature films, tv commercials, online video productions and tv series.

Have you ever wondered why scenes filmed in the snow actually feel cold and devoid of colour?

Or wondered why the latest Michael bay action flick is…really really green? This is by choice.

Colour grading selectively adds or restricts colours and contrast to provide a consistent a specific mood that adds to the overall aesthetic of a film or video.

Don’t allow your final video to be underwhelming, lack feel or be devoid of “a look”.

Professionally colour grading your film or video will add a ‘look’ or feel that otherwise is unlikely to exist without expert input.

Why Kinds of Colour Grading
Services do we Provide?

Colour Grading

We offer colour grading services to video production companies, videographers and film makers that are looking to add a custom look to their films or videos to effect the mood of a scene to improve their storytelling capacity.

Simply send through your video or just a few stills from select scenes from your video so we can discuss your colour grading requirements.

We can supply you a variety of sample looks that are created by adjusting:

  • saturation levels of specific colours
  • brightness and tone of specific colours
  • changing colours entirely (within reason)
  • skin tones
  • black level
  • colour balance


We use Davinci Resolve and BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve mini panel colour wheels for colour grading projects.

Colour Correction

We can assist you when there’s just something not right about the your initial footage’s colour balance and white balance. Do things feel a little too…blue or…yellow? Perhaps you wan’t things to be more blue or yellow…or green or magenta?

We can get your footage back to neutral so you can make proper decisions on where your grade should go next.

White Balance, Saturation and Contrast Correction

White balance, saturation and contrast are the foundations of any image. When any of these features is out of balance it can be incredibly distracting to viewers and take the away from the primary goal or your film or video which is most likely engagement and immersion in your content.

Video Outcomes will make sure all of your video’s levels are broadcast ready for tv, cinema or internet distribution. If you have footage that needs professional attention send through some scene stills and we can take a look for you.

Noise Removal

Film and video shot in low light on nearly any currently used camera system will contain some level of noise.

Sometimes this noise is so distracting that it just has to be removed. You may require a professional to remove the noise to find the right balance between noise removal and loss of image sharpness. The more noise you remove the ‘softer’ or blurrier your image will become.

Video Outcomes can find correct balance of noise reduction and sharpening that required for your film or video to go from unwatchable to immersive.

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