Melbourne Based Videography Services

Corporate Videography Services

Videos can be perfect ways for companies to translate and distribute corporate messaging both internally and externally.

Corporate videos may include promotional videos; training videos; conference videos; social responsibility videos and any video that may not be specifically for the general public. Though we do those too!

Event Videography

Video Outcomes are Melbourne based event videography specialists.

From corporate events, lectures, openings, official ceremonies and masterclasses.

We can be there on the day to capture your industry event and edit the footage down into a highlight reel or provide you a long form edit for those that couldn't attend.

Brand Videography

Make videos to help your product or service stand out from the crowd!

Show people how you can help them or help solve their problems.

Make your video as unique as your products and services are and share them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn

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What Kind of videography services do we provide?

Video Content and Scripting

For smaller projects many groups may attempt to skip this part of the video production process.

We advise our clients to at least understand that the better a production is planned out the smoother the production day will be. This will in turn create a better the final product.

We will provide an initial concept brief with our quote after our initial consultation with you.


Directing is very important even for simple videography projects. We are highly experienced in making people feel as comfortable as possible during interview scenarios to help create confident and clear video messaging.

Video Outcomes are Melbourne videographers with an understanding of what is like on both ends of the camera.

Video Camera Operation

We will expertly operate our cameras in a safe and (dependant on the project) ‘out of the sight’ manner to enable your business or event to run smoothly and efficiently.

Our gimbal systems allow for cinematic movement that was once restricted to much larger production teams and budgets.

Professional Audio for Video

We can get great audio from nearly all situations. We can patch into PA systems, wirelessly microphone up talent, and follow people with boom mics all on the run.

The quality of your audio affects every aspect of your final product. It won’t matter how good your footage is if your audio isn’t professionally captured.

Videographer Editing Services

After we have captured you video we will put it together. Would you like closed caption titles? No worries.

Would you like motion graphics such as animated text to highlight key points or would you like to animate your logo at the start of the video? Easy!

Video Marketing Services

If you are looking to make your final videos work harder for you, Video Outcomes offer expert services in:

Depending on your project requirements our team can be as small as 1 or 2 people to allow for the quickest turnarounds and lower costs to you. For the most part this is an ideal size for corporate interviews, events videos, and branding videos.

However, if your requirements are greater than we can easily supply extra hands on deck to complete your project. If you require talent, make-up and hair, additional lighting or audio professionals we can arrange all of this for you.

We use a range of 4k Cameras to capture our footage along with a variety of gimbals and other stabilisation equipment to provide smooth and cinematic footage.

We utilise wide range of microphone types and field recorders to capture clear and crisp audio remotely for interviews and voice overs.

For lighting we have a variety of mobile and not so mobile options. Often we will hire additional lighting depending on the location of the video shoot.

Even though we are Melbourne based videographers we can certainly get around.

We can readily service all of Victoria and have numerous engagements interstate.

We can make ourselves light on our feet and take our projects on the road this includes capturing footage and providing initial edits to view in transit.

Really, we can provide professional videography services from Brunswick to Beijing and back again.

Other Video Outcomes Services.

Video Production, Search Engine Optimisation, paid Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Outreach and Website Design

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Melbourne Videographer

Who we are

Video Outcomes specialise in providing SME's with spectacular video production and digital marketing strategy. Our areas of expertise include video production, search engine optimisation; and the distribution of videos as advertisements within pay-per-click campaigns on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram Google Search and Display Ads.

Our philosophy

No two businesses are alike and a one-size fits all approach to digital marketing is less and less likely to work in today's competitive environment. A custom digital marketing strategy is key. This means first analysing your competitor's in the marketing to understand what is and is not working.

How we work

We want to know the detail surrounding your service offering, your ideal customers and your competitors. By analysing your competitors we can truly understand what is required to compete with them and to eventually overtake them. This applies for search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising and even applies to production of digital assets such as websites and videos.