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don't just create video - Make sure it works hard for you!

At Video Outcomes we like to go beyond the creation of visually stunning video content. We also live and breathe all things digital marketing especially where video can be used. Our team includes a vibrant network of consultants that will ensure your company's ease and growth into the digital space creating videos and using them to reach and engage your audience .

Who we are

Video Outcomes specialise in providing SME’s with spectacular video production and digital marketing strategy. Our areas of expertise include video production, search engine optimisation; and the distribution of videos as advertisements within pay-per-click campaigns on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram Google Search and Display Ads.

Our philosophy

No two businesses are alike and a one-size fits all approach to digital marketing is less and less likely to work in today’s competitive environment. A custom digital marketing strategy is key. This means first analysing your competitor’s marketing content and strategy and to compare it against your own to understand what is and is not working and to build from there.

How we work

We want to know the detail surrounding your service offering, your ideal customers and your competitors. By analysing your competitors we can truly understand what is required to compete with them and to eventually overtake them. Video Outcomes’ search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising campaigns rely heavily on the strategy of knowing what has come first.

We live in the age of video

Create Marketing Video - Market Using Video - Video OUtcomes

Video Outcomes understands marketing using video. We create videos and then we use those videos to market products and services using digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

We want to understand your business and use video to get your messages and brand out there. That's it.

Step 1 - Make a great video

Video production - videography - Video OUtcomes

Video Outcomes are Melbourne videographers and video production experts specialising in corporate video, social media video and brand videos with a purpose.

Our production team will make the often difficult task of creating a video an easy one for you. 

Need Video? Video Outcomes can help!

Graphic displaying Video Outcomes Social Media Videos

Step 2 - Get your video seen

Facebook Advertising - LinkedIN Advertising - SEO - Video Outcomes

After its creation putting your video to work is Video Outcomes top priority.

We are experts in managing video based advertising campaigns on platforms including Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube as well as search engine optimisation campaigns to get you maximum views and generate lasting engagement with your audience.

What Clients Say.

Great Service, Always Ready To Help

I cannot recommend Video Outcomes highly enough. Having worked them for several years now, I have seen my business grow and job opportunities expand throughout that time because of their expertise. They have produced incredible results for our company, and are clear communicators who always speak openly about what is working best for us. By far the best SEO provider I've worked with!

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