Kate & Hanna

Kate & Hanna

When songwriters Hana Brenecki (Hana & Jessie-Lee’s Bad Habits) and Kate Alexander (Local Coward, Ute Root) decided to record their debut album Don’t You Have Better Things to Do?, their vastly differing tastes agreed on only one thing: harmony.
This record stretches its arms so broadly around popular music of the past one hundred years that it’s impossible to describe; at times delicately yet classically poppy, à la the Everly Brothers, at others a grungy onslaught of distortion and yet at others, a mournful country melody, replete with the mechanical clunks of an old church organ. Through it all, the harmonies of these two distinct voices whisper and soar together, melded so closely at times that the lines blur as to who exactly is singing what.



Kate & Hanna


2 Nov, 2020


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