Jess Coldrey – Artist Interview

Artist Interview Video - Jess Coldrey

Video Outcomes Melbourne Videographers went to Box Hill Institute’s Lilydale Lakeside Campus (a little past Vermont) to produce an interview video for artist and human geographer Jess Coldrey.

Jess is the creator of multiple exhibitions and artistic collaborations across Melbourne.

Jess required an interview video to create further discussion that would also act as a lasting memory for their temporary exhibition called Retro Futurism.

We provided a 2 camera package with lighting and audio equipment (including lapel microphone and shotgun microphones) that was used by a sole camera operator that also acted as the producer for the video. 

Jess was incredible to work with. She understood what she required from the video production and was very fluent and comfortable in front of the camera. This allowed for a reduced video editing time as all but one response was a first take.

We have a great article on how to be comfortable for your next video interview and why this is important for your final video!


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About Artist Jess Coldrey


Jess Coldrey is a sculptor, creative technologist, and human geographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She received her BA and BFA from Monash University in 2021, where her studies in sustainable development and creative coding inspired her artwork.

She was an artist in residence at Burrinja Gallery in Upwey and Yarra Ranges Tech School, and has an upcoming residency in the Botanic Gardens of Marnay sur Seine in France. Jess has exhibited her work across Victoria, including at West Projections Festival, Knox Immerse Festival, and Forty-Five Downstairs, where she a finalist in the 2019 Emerging Artist Award. 

Jess is on the Youth Advisory Board for Melbourne Science Gallery and has assisted the Metro Tunnel Arts Advisory Panel in her work at Rail Projects Victoria. Furthermore, Jess is the 2021 Victorian Government John Monash Scholar and will soon undertake an MSc in Humanitarian Engineering England. She is currently researching humanitarian engineering and endometriosis communication, and is heavily involved in 3D printing practice.


Jess’ exhibition Retro Futurism is a photographic, video and collage series exploring how our relationships with technology have changed over time. The pieces feature robots, drones, and self-portraits, which were developed during Jess Coldrey’s Art-Tech Residency as the inaugural artist in residence at Yarra Ranges Tech School.

Coldrey’s work playfully shares the perspective of social determinist Leila Green, who argues that society ultimately shapes technology rather than vice versa. She believes our fears, ecstasies, and mythologies about technology disconnect us, creating a dissonance between the present and the past’s future. Coldrey’s recent Retro Futurism project represents this sentiment through the absurd fusion of 60’s space-age futurism with emotionally-loaded modern machines.



08 Aug, 2021


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