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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of ranking a website higher and higher for search terms that have a high volume of useful traffic (that is to say that the traffic coming from these terms is relevant and useful to your business).

The more traffic a search term generates the higher the likelihood there is for there to be competition for the top ranking positions. How much traffic a search terms draws will generally determine how competitive that term is likely to be and will inevitably determine the cost and time that it will take to achieve a high ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation is an investment that may take some time to bear fruit.

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Why isn't my website ranking highly already?

1. Not Enough Text Content

There are many websites that we come across that do not meet a suitable threshold for the amount of text that Google deems useful to users.

Increasing the volume of useful text to individual pages can help search engines better understand what your website is about and in turn rate it as useful source of information in the field.

2. Your Website’s Text Content Is Not Fit-For-Purpose

Many websites we come across use language that is too technical, too specific or contains industry jargon that confuses search engines a little.

If you want to generate more useful traffic or a higher volume of traffic to your website it is important to use the language of the end user. That is to say that the text of your website should be created for those that are already searching for similar content.

3. Not Enough Backlinks

A backlink is a link pointing from another website to yours. Backlinks can be thought of as little ticks of approval giving your website greater and greater authority in a search engine’s eyes.

Multiple backlinks from websites that search engines trust give your own website more authority and will allow it to grow in the rankings.


4. Poor Site Layout/ Lack of Information

There may be issues with the layout and structure of your website that is holding it back from ranking above your competitors.

Search engines prefer websites that have a clear structure, with URLs, headings, metadata, structured data, images and video, and internal links that it can understand and that are relevant to the keywords your website is aiming to rank for.

5. Your Website Loading Speed Is Too Slow

Site speed can be associated with search engine rankings though isn’t officially counted as a ranking factor. A slow loading website can simply cause people to leave the website early (and this is a factor search engines monitor).

6. Your Competitor’s Websites Are Better Optimised Than Your Own

As a rule of thumb, if your competitors have optimised their site earlier and to a higher standard than your current website, their rank will be above yours in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

So, if your competitor’s website is easier for search engines to read (use of structured data, internal linking, ), has a higher volume and stronger backlinks and a higher and more relevant word count it will almost certainly rank higher than your own.

What search engine optimisation services does Video Outcomes offer?


Content development is essentially at the heart of any long term SEO strategy. If your website isn’t ranking for the terms you want it to rank for it may simply be that your website is lacking the necessary content that search engines require to understand what your website or business is about. 

  • Does your website use the correct language for search engines?
  • Does your website have an appropriate word-count on each page that you are trying to optimise?
  • Are your images optimised? Does your website contain video?
  • Have you used structured data to tell search engines what your website is about?

All of the above considerations have to be factored in alongside whether the content is any good or not.

We will make sure that the base content of your website (homepage, services pages and blog pages) is search engine friendly and then begin the task adding further content over time to rank for more and more useful search terms


A backlink is a link pointing from another website to yours. Search engines look at these backlinks and use them to determine whether or not your website is trustworthy. The more trustworthy or authority your website has the higher your websites ranking is likely to be.

For example: if you see a blog article with highlighted text such as Australian film production company, you can hover over it long enough to see that it is a link to the following website address: (Great friends of Video Outcomes!!)

Both highlighted sections of text are backlinks. This website is giving the tick of approval to theirs.

Multiple backlinks are required from websites that search engines trust to give your own website more authority and will allow it to grow in the rankings.

Video Outcomes regularly assist companies in building quality backlinks that help websites increase their organic rankings.


As we monitor your website’s search engine ranking progress over months we will initially report to you on:

1) Improvements on your website’s rank

2) Changes made to your website

And as rank increases over time we will start to report to you on:

3) Increases in the volume of traffic to your website and conversions such as the time people spend on your landing pages and the volume of enquiries that are made through form submissions.


By analysing your competitors we can learn everything we will need to know about what is required to optimise your website for search engines and what will be required to obtain a high ranking for particular search terms including:

  • The volume and value of traffic that your competitor receives for each search term.
  • An estimate of the time required to be competitive.
  • An estimate of total program costs.
  • The type and volume of content required.
  • The volume and strength of backlinks required.
  • The necessary website structure to be competitive.

Would you like a free SEO consultation?

What Are The Next Steps in Using Video Outcomes for Search Engine Optimisation?

Request A Consultation:

Simply send us a message via our contact page and let us know good time to contact you by phone.

After a quick conversation about your business goals we will ask you to provide:

  1. Your current website address
  2. The search terms you would like to rank for
  3. If you have a monthly budget in mind for SEO

SEO Research & Competitor Analysis

We will conduct a brief analysis of your website and your competitor’s websites to determine an SEO strategy that will help you reach your goals.

This analysis will also determine project costing estimates.

Project Costings & Timeline:

We will provide you an estimate of costs and an estimated timeline to achieve these results.

We are happy not to lock customers into yearly or 6-month contracts and provide services on a month-to-month basis, however, we do recommend a minimum of 6 months to achieve results.

Please remember SEO is an investment over time in your website and its online appearance.