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Seriously...What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Once upon time the mere discussion of search engine optimisation or SEO would be met with glazed eyes or vacant nods. This lack of care and understanding has made it difficult for businesses to know exactly what they are purchasing and easy for 'cheap SEO's' to offer substandard services.

SEO isn't that difficult. SEO is highly competitive.

Search engines such as Google reward websites over time that provide a great user experience and provide the most useful content to its users. This is easy to say and harder to implement as competition from other websites varies from industry to industry.

Read our comprehensive SEO guide below to understand Video Outcomes search engine optimisation processes and why improving your website for your users will be rewarded by search engines with improved rankings.

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    Why Use Video Outcomes
    Melbourne SEO Services?

    Search Engine Optimisation can be a difficult concept to grasp and even harder to execute well.

    Video Outcomes can help create the perfect search engine optimisation marketing strategy that suits your business and your budget.

    We love data! This means you will know whether your campaign is working or not. We monitor clicks, website customer journey’s and completed video views as well as monitoring leads you generate through organic search campaigns.

    Your organic search audience is waiting for you. Video Outcomes can get your business in front of them.

    SEO for SME's

    Our experience lies most with helping SME's in Australia display their products and services and content nationally and locally by displaying high in the search engine rankings.

    We can help your business get traffic from relevant and useful users via search engines.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO refers specifically to whats known as the 'local pack' or what you see next to the map when you search for something on Google.

    Local SEO requires the correct setup of your Google My Business (GMB) account and multiple citations referencing your businesses address, phone and name.

    Keyword Research

    Know which search terms are most useful for your business before you start trying to rank for them.

    We can provide you a strategy that is based real-time data, achievable outcomes, is within your budget and will increase your organic search traffic, brand visibility and website user activity.

    Competitor Analysis

    The best key indicator of what improvements need to be made to your website can be seen in your competitors websites.

    The kinds of content they have created, their website structure and backlink profile are available for us to analyse and begin competing with.

    SEO Article Content Creation

    Unique, informative and useful content such as articles, blogs, videos and video podcasts are key to creating new web pages that search engines will rank.

    Imagine that the more individual pages that you have ranking and obtaining traffic is the equivalent to having more and more roads leading to your business.

    Search engines rely on multiple metrics to know how authoritative your website and its content are.

    Reaching out to websites and establishing genuine relationships within your industry can be a useful way to verify to search engines your website's value.

    On-Page SEO

    Your content is key to informing your users and search engines of what your website is about. It must be written and conveyed for both your users and for search engines in mind.

    On-page SEO ensures your users and search engines know what your content is about.

    Off-Page SEO

    Everything to do with getting your website and its content authority in the eyes of others.

    PR campaigns, content distribution and outreach, business citations and link-building when necessary.

    What will search engine optimising my website cost?


    The cost of your website’s optimisation will ultimately be relevant to your goals, the expected timeline to achieve these goals and your competition.

    New websites (1 -2) years old may have issues ranking any content and should focus on activities that will help them to appear for their brand name on search engines before engaging in other activities.

    Small to medium businesses should have a minimum budget of $3000 per month to expect good results. Though these costs can be spread across or isolated to key areas of SEO depending on what your website requires the most. All tasks are undertaken to improve your website for your users which is why search engines will reward you with an improved ranking:

    • Content Creation
    • Improving website functionality for the user
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Industry Outreach if necessary
    • Backlinks if necessary
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    Why isn't my website ranking highly already?

    Not Enough Quality Text Content

    There are many websites that we come across that do not meet a suitable threshold for the amount of quality text that Google deems useful to users.

    Increasing the volume of useful text to individual pages can help search engines better understand what your website is about and in turn rate it as useful source of information in the field.

    Your Website's Text Content Is Not Fit-For-Purpose

    Many websites we come across use language that is too technical, too specific or contains industry jargon that confuses search engines a little.

    If you want to generate more useful traffic or a higher volume of traffic to your website it is important to use the language of the end user. That is to say that the text of your website should be created for those that are already searching for similar content.

    Not Enough Backlinks

    A backlink is a signal (in the form of a hyper-link) pointing from another website back to yours. Backlinks can be thought of as little ticks of approval giving your website greater and greater authority in a search engine's eyes.

    Multiple backlinks from websites that search engines trust give your own website more authority and will allow it to grow in the rankings.

    Your Website Loading Speed Is Too Slow

    Site speed can be associated with search engine rankings though isn't officially counted as a ranking factor. A slow loading website can simply cause people to leave the website early (and this is a factor search engines monitor).

    Confusing Site Layout. Lack of Information. Technical faults with your website.

    There may be issues with the layout and structure of your website that is holding it back from ranking above your competitors.

    Search engines prefer websites that have a clear structure, with URLs, headings, metadata, structured data, images and video, and internal links that it can understand and that are relevant to the keywords your website is aiming to rank for.

    Your Competitor's Websites Are Better Optimised Than Your Own

    As a rule of thumb, if your competitors have optimised their site earlier and to a higher standard than your current website, their rank will be above yours in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

    So, if your competitor's website is easier for search engines to read (use of structured data, internal linking), has a higher volume and stronger backlinks and a higher and more relevant word count it will almost certainly rank higher than your own.

    Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is the process of ranking a website higher and higher for search terms that have a high volume of useful traffic (that is to say that the traffic coming from these terms is relevant and useful to your business).

    The more traffic a search term generates the higher the likelihood there is for there to be competition for the top ranking positions. How much traffic a search terms draws will generally determine how competitive that term is likely to be and will inevitably determine the cost and time that it will take to achieve a high ranking.

    Search Engine Optimisation is an investment that may take some time to bear fruit.


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