We Create Amazing Corporate Video in Melbourne

At Video Outcomes we help Melbourne businesses create great corporate videos.

We have been providing quality corporate video content for our customers for over 7 years. We know how to create amazing corporate videos for a variety of purposes and outcomes.

We have a variety of corporate videography services that range from standard camera operation and video editing to the unique creation of scripts and questionnaires that along with some helpful direction will make camera shy professionals feel at home in front of the camera as they are within their corporate environments.

Video Outcomes is now offering bespoke corporate videography services and packages to businesses in Melbourne, greater Melbourne and throughout the state of Victoria.

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    What Kinds Of Corporate Video
    Do We Create For Melbourne Businesses?

    Does your business have a story to tell?

    There is no better way to capture it than through video interviews. Video Outcomes can capture your story with amazing visual and audio clarity. Filming can take place on-site at your facilities or we can arrange an indoor production location to film your interview.

    If you’re camera shy don’t be discouraged! Our interview process will enable you to feel comfortable, confident and at home in front of the camera while hitting all the key points you need to make.

    If you have an upcoming video interview we have provided an article outlining some tips to help you look and sound good in a corporate interview video!

    Get even more value from your corporate event by having it filmed by a corporate videographer. Ask us to get some vox pops from people that attended your event or some interviews from your key speakers prior to their panel discussion.

    Whether you require a highlight video summarising your event or a long form video with accurate, even translated, subtitles for your audience to view at a later date, Video Outcomes can be there on the night to capture your event on video

    Not so different from the corporate video interview. Except for this video we will turn the camera onto your customers and document their overwhelming joy while discussing your products and services.

    Customer testimonials are a very common style of corporate video as they help build trust with new customers. They are real stories provided by real people sharing with the world how your company or organisation helped them.

    Video Podcast Videography

    Video podcasts are the ultimate multi-use corporate video weapon.

    The podcast is well established as an entertaining yet informative long form content medium. 

    But did you know – if you film your podcast you can:

    • cut it up into bite size social media content for nearly every platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube)
    • transcribe it to create detailed articles and blogs (great for SEO)

    One video podcast can create a wealth of corporate content assets.

    Inviting industry leaders in to chat on your video podcast is a great way to form tight relationships with people you may not already be talking with.

    Come and take a tour! A video tour of your incredible production facilities.

    Demonstrate your company’s speed, skill, cleanliness, inventiveness, new technologies and processing methods, efficiency and manufacturing capabilities through video.

    Manufacturing videography is great for companies requiring video for tradeshows, exhibitions, website home pages, tender pitches, government grants and more.

    We can send out a single Video Outcomes videographer or a bigger production team to capture your facilities on video. We will stay out of the way. We won’t slow down your production and we will make your facility look great!

    We have created a range of articles that may be useful to you on your corporate video production or videography journey:

    This article is great for everything you’ll need to include in a video production brief.

    For those looking for more information on different types of corporate videos.

    If you’re looking for the kinds of videos a videographer to help your business grow.

    We have a complete guide to planning a video production here.

    Additional information on what you may wish to ask a corporate videographer prior to engaging them here.

    All About Melbourne Corporate Videography

    What is Video Outcomes Corporate Videography?

    Corporate videography refers to the process of creating corporate videos through use of a corporate videographer.

    Video Outcomes are corporate videography experts meaning we create wonderful corporate videos (videos commissioned by a business, corporation, company or organisation that are not, generally speaking, direct advertisements).

    There are range of corporate videos for business owners (click here for more detail!)

    Corporate videos for internal use often appear as:

    • training videos
    • corporate communications videos
    • safety videos
    • on-boarding videos
    shows Video Outcomes corporate video production in Melbourne

    Corporate videos created for a sales audience may appear as:

    • brand videos
    • product demonstrations
    • corporate events
    • interview videos
    • customer testimonials
    • video podcasts
    • company overview videos
    • corporate culture videos
    • company capability, tradeshow, manufacturing and processing videos

    The distribution of corporate videos may be through:

    • social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
    • email and email marketing
    • hosted on website
    • internal communications

    A corporate videographer like Video Outcomes can help you make any and all of the above videos. We are also expert video marketers meaning we can get your corporate video in front of the right audience for example using LinkedIn marketing.

    What are the uses for corporate videography?

    Videos produced by a corporate videographer can have a variety of uses.

    Corporate videos used internally within a business can be used to:

    • train staff internally
    • help onboard new staff
    • deliver financial results to investors
    • provide safety information

    Corporate videos used to communicate with a sales or external audience can be used to:

    • demonstrate production capabilities and facilities
    • provide information on new products
    • display current projects
    • inform the public about a company’s culture, ethics, environmental stance etc
    • Provide customers with expert knowledge in specific area
    • Keep customers up to date with industry trends

    What kind of equipment do we use?

    Camera Equipment

    We use a variety of cameras depending on the job requirements.

    Most often we utilise cinema quality cameras from the Blackmagic Design range including a mix of 4k and 6k cameras. These cameras often greater image quality but will produce larger files sizes (not something you will have to worry about on your end).

    We also utilise cameras from the Sony mirrorless range.

    Camera Lenses

    We use a range of lenses that utilise a range of focal lengths.

    Our Canon L series lenses produce the sharpest image quality for our customers.

    Professional Audio Equipment

    We utilise a wide range of microphones for indoor and outdoor audio recordings including:

    • Scheops CMC6 hypercardioid microphones
    • Sankedn CS-e3 shotgun microphones
    • DPA – Lapel Microphones
    • Zoom F8 field recorders

    Editing and Post Production Equipment

    We edit out videos using Adobe Premiere Pro

    We Colour our videos using Davinci Resolve

    We create motion graphics and animations using Adobe After Effects

    We master and denoise audio files using Adobe Audition

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