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Do you need to get your message out there? 

Video Interviews and video testimonials combine three of the most powerful elements in digital marketing.

  • Engaging information
  • Customer feedback
  • Video content

Did you know that:

 “92% of customers read online reviews before buying” (boast.io/)

“73% of B2B business using video in their marketing report positive ROI” (vocalreferences.com)

“2/3 of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase after watching a testimonial video highlighting how a business, product or service helped someone like them. (wzowl.com)

“Using customer testimonials regularly can generate approximately 62% more revenue” (Strategic Factory)

“Given the choice between a written and a video testimonial, most consumers would choose video testimonials because they are easier to remember and they’re also more authentic” (usetrust.io/)

Through the use of video testimonials and interviews, you can quickly and easily capture people’s attention with compelling stories from those who have benefited from your products or services. Real-world examples brought to life through video will bring your story or the story of your business to life. 

    How can a Video Outcomes interview or testimonial video help you?

    Don’t just tell people your story. Show them with an incredible interview video.

    Many people just don’t take the time or find a video easier that reading text or viewing images, which could be making it difficult for people to understand what service is being offered and how it benefits them. Interviews and testimonials drive empathy with viewers by placing them inside your customer’s situation and telling their personal story as they experience it.

    All while demonstrating the high level of consistency you provide your clients on an ongoing basis throughout their relationship with your company – a feat that would be difficult, if not impossible to accomplish through any other means or media channel.

    These videos have a higher conversion rate than other marketing methods like print or image ads! With so much potential power behind video marketing solutions it is essential for businesses to know how to take advantage of this new medium by creating informative but highly engaging videos that will produce results both now and in the future.

    Interviews with customers and business owners are a great way to get an inside look at your potential clients, but they can be time consuming. The best interviews require weeks of planning, setup, and coordination. And even then it’s hard to get the perfect shot or sound bite.

    Video Outcomes are a Melbourne based video production company that can provide you access to Melbourne’s best videographers

    Document your message with Video Outcomes and know that your interview and testimonial videos will have:

    • Cinema Quality 4K Visuals
    • Crystal Clear Audio
    • Incredible Lighting
    • Great communication throughout the video pre-production, production and post-production phases.”

    Examples of Video Outcome's Interview and Testimonial Videos:

    How Can Video Outcomes Help You Create Better Interview Videos ?

    At Video Outcomes we’ve created a process that makes it simple for you to create engaging videos with ease. We’ll work with you one-on-one so you get the perfect video every time.

    We are experts in creating interview videos including:

    • Corporate video interviews
    • Testimonial video interviews for websites and social media channels
    • To-camera tutorial videos and video demonstrations
    • Interview videos to

    Video Outcomes Melbourne based Video Production will take care of everything from start to finish so you can focus on your marketing strategy instead of worrying about how you’ll pull off the perfect interview for your next video campaign. Our services include filming, editing, motion graphics design and creation and voice over recording – all in one place!

    Our team of corporate video production experts will help you find the best method for your needs – whether it’s an interview or testimonial video, text animation or live action footage. And we won’t stop until you’re satisfied with the final product!

    If you’re going to appear in a corporate interview we have a great article for those looking for some video interview tips to help their ease their performance in front of the camera. 

    We’ve created an article if you want to know what to put into a video production brief.

    Click here to see some important questions you may want to ask your corporate video production company prior to engaging them.

    We offer packages that fit any budget so don’t be shy and contact us today! If you’re within a 2 hours of Melbourne let’s grab a coffee!v

    More examples of Video Outcomes Interview and Testimonial Videos:

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