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    Why Use Video Outcomes
    LinkedIn Agency Services?

    LinkedIn can be a difficult platform to market on.

    Video Outcomes can help create the perfect LinkedIn marketing strategy that suits your business and your budget.

    We love data! This means you will know whether your campaign is working or not. We monitor clicks, website customer journey’s and completed video views as well as monitoring leads you generate.

    Your LinkedIn audience is waiting for you. Video Outcomes can get you in front of them.

    What LinkedIn Marketing Services Do We Offer?

    LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

    Every business is different. Your approach to getting eyes on your products and services on LinkedIn will come down to sound strategy.

    Video Outcomes can help you improve your approach to growing and engaging a LinkedIn audience by:

    • tailoring your outgoing LinkedIn connection messages.
    • locating who you should be connecting with.
    • determining and creating articles and blog posts your audience will want to read and share.
    • monitoring engagement from your LinkedIn traffic on your website.
    • creating video content such as video podcasts, video interviews, corporate videos and brand videos for your LinkedIn audience.
    • informing you of the right approach to sponsored content campaign management.

    We will send out up to 1500 connection messages per month to lists that are tailored by industry type; job title and location.

    Video Outcomes will work with you to customise your outreach messages and responses if you so chose. This will allow you to focus purely on sales conversations.

    Vide Outcomes offer a range of pay-per-click options for branding, lead generation and content distribution that are available on the LinkedIn platform such as:

    • sponsored video content.
    • promoted articles and blogs.
    • display advertisements.
    • text advertisements.
    • direct InMail messaging.
    • customised business and showcase pages.

    All of these LinkedIn advertisements can be targeted specifically by location; job title; company industry and more. Over time as your reach increases re-targeting campaigns can be utilised to keep your established audience up to date with new content.

    Blog and Article Creation For LinkedIn

    If you have an established LinkedIn audience or if you are looking to build on your current one, you will need content.

    Articles and blogs on areas that are specific to your industry are a great way of keeping lines of communication open with your potential clients and followers.

    The trouble is that quality content can be difficult to create and will take time to create. Time that most people would rather spend addressing their immediate business concerns.

    Video Outcomes will take the leg work out of your content creation needs so you are only reviewing and approving content before it gets posted. We will research, write, add unique infographics and images and even add video to create the kind of content that is worth sharing with your colleagues and LinkedIn audience.

    We create great video content!

    We can create for you amazing content for your LinkedIn followers:

    Video content is highly engaging and will quickly demonstrate who you are, what your stand for, what you offer and how you can help. Corporate video content is great to share and even better as an aid used within lead generation campaigns.

    Other Video Outcomes Services.

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