11 Types of Video Content For Business and What to do With it Once it’s Finished

In some ways, businesses are in two distinct and seperate camps on opposite sides of a river when it comes to determining what kind of content they should create. On one side of the river are business that have traffic and on the other side are businesses that have none.

So, what kind of content (in particular, video content) should your business be creating and what should you do with it once it exists?

The answer can be relatively simple and should always revolve around what do you want your content to do for you? When you have a clear answer to this question you can begin to understand:

  1. Who your video content is for/ who will your content benefit?
  2. What your video content should be about.
  3. How you should distribute your content/ where should your content should live? 
The answers to the above will differ from business to business and will change further depending on the individual size of each business in relation to the amount of website traffic, social media traffic and overall brand awareness that it already yields.

So, for larger businesses that have already earned a following there may be a lesser requirement for content that focuses on the short hard-sell or at least an additional requirement for new content that doesn’t scream “buy me now”.

Longer form content that focuses on detail, logical comparison and friendly, informative natural discussions about the products and the space a business operates in have become a popular method of retaining customer interest and a great method to evolve newer customers into lifelong advocates of your brand.

For smaller businesses with little to no website traffic shorter and clearer videos about the services your offer and the products you sell will generate a greater return on investment (ROI) than longer formats. A focus on the cost of distribution of your content or the cost of video marketing is also warranted and often forgotten and can be discussed anytime with a suitable digital marketing agency.

“A video that sits on a website with no traffic does very little to help a business. “

Types of useful longer form video content are:

  1. Video Podcasts
  2. Product Demonstration Videos
  3. How-To-Videos
  4. Video Interviews

Types of useful short form video content are:

  1. Video Advertisements
  2. Social Media Videos
  3. Product Videos
  4. Brand Videos
  5. Testimonial Videos
  6. Corporate Video
  7. Company Profile Video


Video Outcomes video marketing services on tablet device

How should I distribute my video content?

A better initial question may be “who do I want to distribute my content to?”

This will all depend on your business and who your potential clients/customers are. Having said this we have some suggestions that may help determine where you should host your content and in particular how to reach your audience using paid online advertising (more commonly known as pay-per-click advertising).

Hosting your content is simple. You should host your video content on every available platform you can purely for the potential signals Google’s algorithm will pick up to help your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. A single video can be uploaded to multiple platforms such as:

Paid distribution of video content through PR campaigns and Pay-Per-Click advertising is different to simply posting it on your social media channels. It puts your video content to work to attract new customers and clients.

As we mentioned earlier, if you understand what you want your content to achieve:

  • Create Direct Sale
  • Generate Leads
  • Inform Your Current Customers
  • Inform Potential Customers
  • Brand to Current and Potential Customers

If you know who your content will benefit:

  • People within your current network.
  • Potential customers within a defined location.
  • Potential customers that are aware of your product or service.
  • Potential customers that are using products or services that are similar to yours or will benefit from your products or services.

You will be able to know which PPC platform is most suitable to reach your potential customers on and better create unique and engaging video content.

If you create engaging content that reaches the right audience you will be able to get them to complete specific actions such as visiting your website, watching your content, providing email details, making purchases or sending enquiries.

What pay-per-click advertising platform is best for my business and my video content?

As always, it depends on what your content is, who you want to watch it, what you want them to do once they have and what your budget and goals are. Below is a brief breakdown of the available platforms with the widest reach:

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Comparatively cheap compared to other platforms. You can develop an excellent understanding of how your content is being engaged with in terms of impressions, views, shares, clicks and website engagement.

LinkedIn Marketing

For B2B marketing and branding. Very expensive compared to other platforms but be useful in distributing longer form content and general branding content to a very strict viewership on industry professionals such as CEO’s, General Managers and marketing professionals.

Youtube Marketing

Your video can play before, after or in the middle of content that you know your current customers or potential clients are already watching.

If you would like more information on video marketing services or video production services please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear what you do and how me may be able to help!

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