Pre-production is all about ensuring the success of your final video through great planning

By creating a great plan we can set goals and timelines that are linked to budgets and see issues coming before they happen. The essence of video pre-production is to do the hard work first to ensure problems to not scale at a later date for example during later stages of the video production process including production and post-production phases.

Video Outcomes has a wealth of video pre-production experience to ensure that all stakeholders know what is being filmed, how much your video will cost to film and edit and how long it will take to complete your video. This information is distributed prior to any principal photography taking place. Our pre-production skills include:

Concepts and Ideas

We will help you flesh out your key messages and concepts. This will help us determine a timeline for completion, any requirements for scripts or questionnaires, equipment, locations, actors etc
Time well spent at this phase will make the whole video production process easy for all parties involved. Sit back and let Video Outcomes provide you a production brief for you to review!

Budget Approval & Allocations

All video productions are ultimately limited by budget.

Video Outcomes will design a plan to create amazing video assets that not only meet your ideal conceptual goals but stay within the bounds of your budget.

At every phase of your videos production you will know where your funds are being allocated and why.

Scriptwriting & Questionnaires

Scripts and questionnaires are incredibly important in the world of video production. They act as a master document that are used throughout all phases of production. During pre-production the script will allow all parties to approve, comment and amend all aspects of the content that will be included in the final video. During production and post-production multiple parties will rely on a script or a questionnaire to initially generate and eventually edit and composite sections of content into a final video.

Storyboarding & Planning

The art of storyboarding can be considered a bit of a lost art in the world of video production. Budget constraints often lead to this step being excluded from the pre-production phase entirely. That being said, storyboarding is the missing link between the and video production company truly understanding what their final video will look like before it is filmed.

Great planning is at the heart of every effective video. There should be no surprises, only great ideas, planning and execution.

How Can We Help?

We’re here to help! Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect video for your business. We’ll take care of everything from scripting and storyboarding, casting, filming and editing your video, all the way to managing your targeted video marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn. We consider where a video will be used, who the target market is, what the call to action is, and how your audience should engage with your content (through click, purchase, video view).

Video Outcomes Video Productions and Videographers specialise in creating high quality short form video content for local businesses like yours. By working with us you’ll save time and money on hiring a full-time production team or expensive freelance videographers while getting custom made marketing videos at an affordable price.

Contact us today for more information on pricing and packages available. If you live within 2 hrs of Melbourne let’s grab a coffee!

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