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Video Outcomes offers videography services to document and promote Melbourne's diverse manufacturing, industrial and processing industries.

A manufacturing video is an excellent way to demonstrate your businesses unique processing facilities. It can be hosted, distributed and used as a presentation piece on a variety of platforms and will say more about your businesses processing capabilities than words and stills ever could. 

Aside from taking a guided tour of your facilities there is no better way than video to show people how you make things.

Manufacturing videos are most often associated with videos of automated machinery or processing facilities but we regularly film time-lapses, voxpops (interviews that take place onsite with engineers, managers and key staff), and equipment installations. 

We can film anything you feel will be useful for your video documentation process. Simply let Melbourne’s Best Videographers know what you need and we’ll get it done.

    What Kinds Of Manufacturing and Industrial Videos
    Do We Create For Melbourne Businesses?

    Factory and Facility Tour Videos

    Show your clients and future clients your facilities, staff and location through video.

    We can create for you a video that will demonstrate your staffs attention to detail, storage facilities, manufacturing processing procedures, new manufacturing equipment and innovative technologies.

    We make mesmerising factory videos in Melbourne and throughout the state of Victoria. Let us make a great video tour of your factory your clients won’t forget.

    Melbourne Manufacturing Videos

    Video Outcomes Manufacturing and factory video

    Big or small, manual or automated, all across Melbourne there is a myriad of manufacturing machinery. This equipment along with the staff that operate it are the backbone of how things get made in Melbourne.

    Creating manufacturing videos will allow you to show your customers, investors and clients how you make what you make. Show them that you make it here in Australia and that behind the solid factory walls is a hive of activity and manufacturing ingenuity.

    We can create time-lapses, film automations, production lines, key staff interviews and new equipment installations and procedures to show those within your industry that you offer amazing services and manufacturing capabilities.

    Some examples of manufacturing industries we help with videography are:

    • Chemical Manufacturing
    • Food Manufacturing
    • Clothing Manufacturing
    • Heavy Machinery Manufacturing
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
    • Tech Manufacturing
    • Product Manufacturing

    Industrial Corporate Videos

    Industrial corporate videos are videos that are targeted directly towards industry as opposed to the general public.

    Industrial corporate videos might focus on a particular aspect of your manufacturing process such as:

    • environmental improvements, reductions in emissions due to new equipment or processes
    • updates to procedures or additions of new technologies to plants and factories
    • progress on research within the organisation
    • where materials are sourced from and how they are processed before they arrive at your own facility

    This style of video often contains an interview component or a voice over from within the company that is intercut with footage of the content being discussed.


    Processing Videos

    If you have a new process you are utilising within the industrial and manufacturing space, show those with within your industry by creating a manufacturing process video.

    Perhaps you have just recently been granted a patent on your new process or manufacturing method. Now is the time to tell your investors and the industry at large all about it as video does wonders for public relations campaigns.

    We can create videos displaying new:

    • formulations
    • engineering Inventions
    • technologies
    • pharmaceutical processes
    • industrial recipes
    • equipment and production line features
    • production line videos

    New Product Videos

    If you have a new product or line of products coming out of your manufacturing facilities send in Video Outcomes to video it at the source.

    New product videos and videos we film at the factory level include:

    • prototypes
    • 3d printed technologies
    • new clothing lines
    • taste testing of new products
    • new materials

    New Equipment Installations

    How much did that last piece of production equipment cost? How long did it take to make that decision and what benefits will it offer?

    Its time to show to show off your now toys and increased production capability to your current and future clients.

    We film:

    • equipment installation videos across all Melbourne and Victorian based factories, processing plants, manufacturing facilities etc
    • construction videos including project long videos
    • demonstration videos for new equipment

    Farm-to-Table Videos

    Take your customers and investors on a journey that starts with the origins of your product at its simplest form and finishes in the hands of a happy customer.

    A farm-to-table video is a simplistic way to describe a video that covers a – b – c – d of the manufacturing process. 

    Does it come from the ground? A plant? The ocean? Who collects it?

    How is it transported to be processed? How long does it take?

    How is the material processed at the factory? The story of how products come to be is often left untold. Show the world through video if you are proud of your product, how it gets made and why it makes people happy!

    All About Melbourne Manufacturing and Industrial Videography

    What is Manufacturing and Industrial videography?

    Manufacturing videography and Industrial Videography refers to the process of creating videos that demonstrate the manufacturing capabilities of businesses that utilise automated or industrial production machinery.

    Video Outcomes are Melbourne’s experts in manufacturing and industrial video productions for businesses in industries such as:

    • food manufacturing
    • clothing manufacturing
    • chemical and pesticide manufacturing
    • heavy machinery manufacturing
    • laboratory and pharmaceutical manufacturing

    This means we create videos in facilities such as:

    • factories
    • production facilities with automated production lines
    • clean rooms
    • powder blending facilities
    • pharmaceutical laboratories
    • engineering facilities

    What are the uses for Manufacturing and Industrial videos?

    Manufacturing and Industrial videos have many uses depending on your purposes.

    Often, we are creating videos so businesses can share this content via their social accounts such as LinkedIn and Instagram. We also provide programs to use these videos in the promotion of businesses as we provide LinkedIn marketing services.

    Some businesses are looking to impress new partners in pitch meetings or when applying for tenders. Videos that demonstrate the production capabilities of your facilities are a great for this.ir

    Why use Video Outcomes for your next manufacturing or industrial Video?

    One of the main reasons we are so popular with our manufacturing clients is that we simply know how to stay out of the way.

    Other than providing you with incredible 4k footage and crystal clear audio we won’t slow your production schedule down for even a moment. We understand that our presence shouldn’t be a disruption to your workforce or to your.

    We prefer to carry out site assessments prior to starting.

    We can help show you the next steps of making your video work harder for you as we have a background in web design, digital marketing including paid social media ads and SEO.

    Here are some useful articles to help you on your video production or videography journey:

    Click if you need more information on what should go into a video production brief.

    Click for more information on what to ask a corporate video production company prior to engaging them.

    We have a great article on what kinds of videos a videographer can make to help your business grow.

    Lastly, for those that wan’t to know the difference between videography and video production click here!


    What is Video Outcomes Manufacturing Video Methodology?

    • Pre-Site and On-site assessment for safety and understanding of facility layout.
    • High level of communication to understand your goals and what you wish to highlight.
    • Filming day to be efficient and non-disruptive.
    • Footage is processed and drafts are sent for assessment and approval.
    • After video is approved colour grading and exporting are finalised.
    • Delivery of your final video is sent through dropbox.
    • If you require your RAW footage this can be sent in the mail on a hard drive.

    What kind of equipment do we use?

    Camera Equipment

    We use a variety of cameras depending on the job requirements.

    Most often we utilise cinema quality cameras from the Blackmagic Design range including a mix of 4k and 6k cameras. These cameras often greater image quality but will produce larger files sizes (not something you will have to worry about on your end).

    We also utilise cameras from the Sony mirrorless range.

    Camera Lenses

    We use a range of lenses that utilise a range of focal lengths.

    Our Canon L series lenses produce the sharpest image quality for our customers.

    Professional Audio Equipment

    We utilise a wide range of microphones for indoor and outdoor audio recordings including:

    • Scheops CMC6 hypercardioid microphones
    • Sankedn CS-e3 shotgun microphones
    • DPA – Lapel Microphones
    • Zoom F8 field recorders

    Editing and Post Production Equipment

    We edit out videos using Adobe Premiere Pro

    We Colour our videos using Davinci Resolve

    We create motion graphics and animations using Adobe After Effects

    We master and denoise audio files using Adobe Audition


    We will deliver your final manufacturing videos via dropbox within days.

    A hard drive with your raw footage will be sent via standard mail (if you choose raw to keep your raw footage). We will store your raw footage in our data banks for 2 years.

    Your final video will utilise music that is licensed for you to use as you please.

    Book a free consultation call with Melbourne's most trusted videographers!

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