What Is the Difference Between Videography and Video Production?

In this article we discuss the difference between videography and video production in 2021

If you or your company has the belief that creating and sharing content online is important, whether this be social media content, educational content or branded content, then it’s likely that video is an integral part of your content strategy (and if it isn’t it should be!)

There is currently no better way for your company to connect with customers, educate your customers, showcase your products, and display your brand mission than through the use of video.

Video is simple, effective, and captivating. Whether you want a video for your website or a full scope commercial to run on TV, YouTube and Facebook – you must understand the difference between the kinds of videos a videographer  can create for you and the kinds of videos a video production company will make for you.

This is often the least understood concept among businesses and choosing the right person to take on your video project is crucially important to your video campaign’s success. 

Video production vs Videography…what’s the difference? Let’s dig in!

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There are a few key areas of difference when hiring a videographer and a video production company that you may immediately notice. 

The key areas of difference are:

1) Cost


2) the volume of different production services each can offer and manage.

These differences between videographer and video production company will determine the kind of video that you could have created for you by either party.

A video production company may be expected to provide a more impressive suite of deliverables during the pre-production, production and post-production processes while less is often expected of a videographer.

Let’s start with the term production in the term video production company. What is it?

Production will involve various activities across pre-production (including script writing, storyboarding, creative, location scouting) production (activities required on the day of filming including camera operation, lighting, sound or audio production etc) and post-production (editing, VFX, subtitling and motion graphics etc).

A video production company will provide most of the above key aspects of video production in-house (under their own roof) and should be able to handle a wider variety of additional production tasks including :

  • hair and make-up
  • set design and prop design
  • casting for actors
  • location scouting
  • permits

You name it; they should be able to do it. Lighting, sound, scripting, applying for permits, and distribution are all part of their remit.

Even though a very capable videographer could be connected enough and organised enough to quote and manage all of these production tasks on their own, it is the regularity of performing these tasks that is a defining distinction between videographer and video production company.

A video production company will manage and provide additional production tasks on a more frequent basis than a videographer. These additional production tasks will increase the quality of the final video but will come at a greater cost.

A videographer will often work on a daily or hourly rate, and they are usually a one-man-band. A significant difference between a videographer and a video production company is the expectation of the kind of work that each service provider will deliver.

It is too simplistic to say that one will provide better work than the other (it all depends on each unique providers and what your unique video production goals are) and it may be a more accurate to assumption that one will be able to provide higher end production options more readily than the other.

This article will dive into everything you need to know about the difference between a videographer and a more significant corporate video production company.

What is a videographer?

A videographer is used as the most basic method of capturing video footage and can be very different to a video production company. In many instances a videographer often captures footage without direction or dialogue such as weddings, social gatherings, or live event.

They may also do important meetings or video conferencing sessions for creating video for events and executive meetings in the corporate space. They know a camera, and they know it well, but this is often the extent of what they do. 

Some refer to them as camera operators, and you may miss the production elements of lighting, strong editing, scripting, and sound by using one that is not capable of arranging or providing these services.

If your project requires any of these elements, then a videographer that cannot provide these services is probably not the right fit for your project. 

In the corporate world, video marketing is strong, competitive and effective. You need to create engaging and captivating content to catch people’s eyeballs and convince them to buy your product or use your service.

Many professionals have high demands and specific requirements that most videographers alone cannot and will not handle.

When you or your company need top quality video production because your video will be used to promote your company, engage audiences and sell products, a video production company comes in handy to fill in the gaps a videographer alone may not be able to provide. Of course, there are still some great reasons to use a videographer for events, for simpler corporate videos including interview videos and testimonials and the use of videographers to create social media video content is well established.

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What is video production?

A corporate video production company creates content from scratch. If you choose, they can be involved throughout the entire process of devising the concept, planning, shooting, editing, and distribution of your video.

If you are looking at filming a marketing video, training video, or explainer video, a Melbourne videographer alone may not cut it. 

For commercials and marketing videos, you will often need a script. A script that is carefully crafted will hold the viewer’s attention and promote the product well.

Failing to put the necessary time and detail into your script will increase the risk of people either skipping past your video or not watching it at all.

Does your video need a professional voice-over narration or a presenter? A corporate video production service or a social media video production service can help source these people, cast them, direct them, and pay them.

Think of an experienced video production team as the whole package – limiting the amount of work you need to do. 

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Benefits of choosing a corporate video production company

Choosing a reputable video production team comes with an enormous amount of benefits that you are unlikely to get from a Melbourne videographer alone. Here are some of the many key advantages:

  • They create professional, compelling content that will help your brand stand out from your competitors. 
  • They have a team of experts, including videographers, directors, camera assistants, audio specialists, editors, and lighting people.
  • They prepare the whole pre-production and postproduction process. 
  • They help with distributing the content, ensuring that more people see your video. 
  • They have an extensive portfolio of work and deal with a range of businesses. 

Benefits of choosing a corporate videographer

Choosing a reputable corporate videographer comes with a number of benefits that may not come when using a video production company. Here are some key advantages:

  • They are cost effective. Compared to an entire video production team a videographer will save your project a lot in terms of overall costs. 
  • Get more content for less! As using a videographer is cheaper than a video production company you can spend more time acquiring footage, more time perfecting your project by spending a longer time editing etc
  • They are nimble. The right videographer may prove to be an expert in multiple fields including lighting, audio, scriptwriting, and editing. If you find the right one you may have everything your project requires under the one hat. Do check first!
  • Run and gun. Hire one, get your footage and finish your project quickly and on budget. Some times your project needs to move and move now. A videographer may be more freely available on short notice than a video production company.

Where to now?

Knowing the type of content you want to create is vital before hiring a team to help you. If it is simplistic and basic, then a Melbourne videographer could be right for your business, but if you want something more complex and eye-catching, consider video production specialists. We also have access to some of Melbourne’s best freelance videographers if you think that is a better fit.

Video Outcomes is a video marketing agency that provides video production services to large corporations and smaller businesses.

Our team of experts specialise in planning, filming, editing, and distribution, making us ideal for any project. If you are interested in transforming your marketing and creating a video campaign that generates revenue – reach out today. 

Video Outcomes is a Melbourne based video production company specialising in corporate video production, video based digital marketing and corporate and social media videography.

Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti

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Christopher's background in developing video content for ppc campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn started in 2014. On the days he is not making videos he is making music and playing with his kids.

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