Seven Great Reasons to Use Social Media Videos

It’s true. Video content has taken over the world of social media marketing, and it’s not hard to see why. Videos are one of the best ways to engage with your audience, make a sale or promote a product, generate leads, and build relationships with potential customers. For many businesses, videos have become an essential part of their social media strategy for success on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. This blog post will explore seven reasons you should be using video in your social media marketing!

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1. Increase Your Post Engagement

There are a range of stats to outline the usefulness of video in social media posting such as:

  • Tweets posts that contain a video a likely to gain 10x more engagement than those without and Promoted Tweets with videos will reduce the cost of each engagement by 50% or more.
  • LinkedIn boasts its own unique video stats claiming that users are 20x more likely to share a post containing a video in comparison to any other post type.

Databox have added to the debate on whether Facebook ads or videos garner more clicks claiming that stills are better for clicks. However, they fall short on providing data on which medium leads to higher conversions on that website after they click.

One thing is for certain, an image can’t deliver as much information as a video.

Social Media Videos allow companies more creative freedom when advertising themselves either by showing their product or service, telling a story about how they started the company, or what makes them stand out from the competition.

Video can help get your message across quickly and effectively, especially when getting people’s attention on social media. Social Media Videos are more likely to be seen by other people because they take up the whole screen on a smartphone or tablet, which is where most social media users spend their time.

Facebook’s algorithm rewards videos that get likes and views with higher placement in your followers’ news feeds when it detects patterns of engagement from your subscribers.

2. Great way to show your brand’s personality and connect with followers

Social media videos are a great way to show your brand’s personality and connect with new and current followers. What better way is there to get people’s attention than presenting your brand or company in video format?

If you’re looking for new ways to grow on social media, take advantage of this powerful marketing strategy by investing some time into producing quality social media videos rather than relying solely on text and images.

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3. Re-target using video

If there’s one thing that we believe in at Video Outcomes it’s the power of re-targeting. That is to say that if you are really serious about creating a following (in many cases a following of potential customers) then you should be thinking about the many ways to re-target new content to them. After all, you went through the difficulty of grabbing their attention in the first place!

Social media videos are like any other type of video; they can be used for marketing purposes. Make sure when someone views your video that you take the time understand that on most platforms this persons data has been recorded for you to access again at a later date. So not only can you re-target a user based on their engagement with your content; including clicks, comments, likes and shares; you can re-target based on how much a person watched your video content at intervals including 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% too.

4. Allow you to creatively share information

Social media videos allow you to share information in a compelling way. You can use them as an outreach tool for your business or service, promote products and services, generate leads from social channels, encourage customer engagement through contests and sales events.

Additionally, videos are more engaging than other social media posts because they are eye-catching and can go viral.

And, when videos are uploaded on social channels like Facebook or YouTube, it allows them to be shared in a wider audience’s feed with the permission of the uploader. That means you can get your message across without having to share lengthy content.

5. Helps you stand out from your competitors

Everyone wants to stand out and be seen. More importantly, they want people to see them for the right reasons. Social media videos are a great way of doing this because, unlike static images or text-based stories, social media video content is more likely to get shared around on different platforms like Facebook and Twitter than other types of content.

This will help you gain more traffic, likes, and shares, which in turn will lead to a higher ranking on search engines like Google (this is the part of the process of search engine optimisation).

6. Use videos for customer testimonials or Q&A’s that turn into valuable content for future marketing campaigns


It’s a good idea to use social media videos to highlight customer testimonials or customer Q&As from social media.

This provides the opportunity to turn what would have been a one-time social post into valuable content for future marketing campaigns, increasing your ROI and customer engagement rates in an easy way that is accessible through social channels like Facebook or Instagram. Additionally, social video is a way to keep the social conversation going with your audience.

7. Easy to make and edit

Social media videos are easy to make and edit, so you can get one for your social profile in no time. All you need to do is find a social media video creator that suits your needs, whether you’re looking for animated or live-action videos.

You can also create videos for social media by recording your screen with the app, Hyperlapse. This is a great way to add more visuals and show what you are doing on social media when you can’t take photos or videos of it in real life.

If you have an idea but aren’t sure how to make the video into something visual, there’s plenty of social media video creators who will take care of the logistics for you (including us here at Video Outcomes!).

We hope this article has shown you some of the benefits of using social media videos for your business. Whether it’s to bring in more traffic, increase sales or just have a little fun with customers, there are many reasons why you should be incorporating video into your marketing strategy!

If you want help implementing these strategies or need advice on how best to use video across different platforms, get in touch, and one of our team members will happily chat through all the possibilities with you.

Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti is the founder and lead content strategist at Video Outcomes, a Melbourne based digital marketing agency specialising in video marketing, video production and videography based in Melbourne, Australia and founded in 2017. Chris is a passionate video production, videography and SEO expert creating amazing multi-use content for a variety of platforms including video content for websites and ppc campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn since 2014 . On the days he is not making videos he is making music and playing with his kids.

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