Seven Reasons Why You Should Hire an Event Videographer

Are you hosting an event and want to have a video of it? Or are you looking for a professional event videographer in Melbourne? If so, then this article is for you.

An event videographer is responsible for capturing a video of the event so that you can share it with others. Event videographers are often hired to capture conferences, exhibitions, lectures and other events where memories need to last a lifetime.

Here’s are 7 reasons why hiring an event videographer is beneficial to your event and to your business:

  1. Event documentation
  2. Marketing content for social media
  3. Let people relive the experience
  4. Allow absent people to experience your event.
  5. Allows guests to put their phones down
  6. Transcribe important dialogue for articles, blogs and new website pages for SEO.
  7. Control of the edit
Video Outcomes event videographers filming at conference

1. Event Documentation (create great memories!)

Video is a great way to capture the memories of your event. You will want someone who can work with you and get all the important moments on video, from vox-pops from event presenters prior to their presentation, to attendees testing samples at your exhibition stall.

For corporate events videography, you will want someone who can capture the mood of your event without being obtrusive. For openings, galas and other formal events, this is especially important to avoid distracting attendees from missing special moments. A video that documents your event is one of the many types of videos you can create for your event.

2. Use it for marketing purposes by showing off your event on social media

Making a video of a conference or an exhibition event is all about showing off the best moments. Why not have it filmed professionally? Many people don’t realise how great they look on camera and when those videos are shared online, you can be sure to see an increase in traffic to your website for whatever events you’re hosting.

Your attendees will appreciate the professionalism and keep coming back to see what other events you’re hosting. The best event videographers will be able to show your big moments in a way that is real life, not scripted or overly edited. They will have an eye for capturing those candid shots of people having conversations on the sidelines or enjoying a free drink at the networking phase of your corporate event.

3. Your guests will be able to relive their experience

A video tells a story, not just what happened. It captures the emotion and excitement of your event – capturing memories that will last forever. Your guests will be able to relive their experience long after you’ve forgotten all about it.

They’ll also be able to share the videos on social media, which is especially great for corporations. This helps spread the word and spread your company’s name.

Video Outcomes event videographers filming at conference

4. Makes it easier for people who couldn’t attend

Hiring a videographer to record your event will make it easier for people who couldn’t attend. It also opens up possibilities of making the event available on-demand, leading to more sales and increased customer engagement.

A professional video crew can capture all those moments that would otherwise be lost in time – from speeches or presentations to the small details that might be overlooked.

For formal event coverage, a videographer can provide a second set of “eyes” to capture every detail, from ribbon cuttings and all those exciting reactions you’re bound to get from your event’s attendees.

5. Your guests will be able to enjoy themselves more because they’re not worrying about taking pictures or videos

Your guests will be able to enjoy themselves more because they’re not worrying about taking pictures or videos, so their experience is much more enjoyable and carefree. They can fully immerse themselves in your celebration without feeling any pressure to document it.

Additionally, you’ll be able to relive the joy of your special day with a beautiful video that you can look back on and share. You may not know this now, but years from now, when all those memories may feel a bit fuzzy, you’ll be so glad that you captured the moment!

6. Transcribe important dialogue for articles, blogs and new website pages for SEO

In many corporate events such as lectures and conferences there will be key speakers that will provide the basis of your event’s content. When this is documented through video the audio can be transcribes into text to become the basis of incredibly informative articles for your website that will assist your search engine optimisation efforts to no end.

The next time you use a videographer to film your event. Take the entire finished video and have it transcribed using a transcription service like Rev. This text transcription can be the basis of highly informative articles for your website.

Not only do you have a great article now, but you have the video to accompany it and a high authority (presumably your key speaker) presenting the material that can help increase the authority of your own website.

7. You can have an event video edited to your preference

An event video captures the essence of an occasion. The memories and moments shared throughout are captured in a way that is not possible with photos alone. You can edit a wedding or birth video to your specification, so you can relive this moment for years to come.

Editing videos like these requires creativity and skillful hands, so it is essential to hire the right videographer. The right event videographer will have the ability to capture moments with a creative eye and an artistic sensibility.

They are experienced in dealing with high-pressure situations, such as openings and exhibitions on tight schedules. A good video editor can use light and sound to create moods of joy, excitement, drama, or sadness.

If you want your event to be seen in a new light, hire an experienced videographer. Our team members are ready and waiting to help you document your corporate event day that’s filled with quality and engaging video memories. 

We’re here if you have any questions or would like more information about our Melbourne based services before hiring us! Get in touch today by emailing us!

Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti is the founder and lead content strategist at Video Outcomes, a Melbourne based digital marketing agency specialising in video marketing, video production and videography based in Melbourne, Australia and founded in 2017. Chris is a passionate video production, videography and SEO expert creating amazing multi-use content for a variety of platforms including video content for websites and ppc campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn since 2014 . On the days he is not making videos he is making music and playing with his kids.


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