Six Video Content Ideas for Improve or Document Your Next Corporate Event

When it comes to corporate event videography, you want the best quality video content possible. If your company is hosting an event of any kind, a videographer will be able to capture all the memorable moments and make your corporate event even more special! In this blog post, we’ll cover five different types of video content ideas that can be created for corporate events that are sure to impress from start to finish.

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1. Provide some background on what attendees can expect from the presentation

Videos can help audiences engage with the content of a corporate event. They are often shared on social media channels, leading to increased awareness and ultimately more attendees at future events.

They can help provide a preview-event introduction to new employees, highlight the event’s highlights and provide a recap of the event when attendees are back at their desks. It is one of many a great reasons to hire a an event videographer.

2. Interview past attendees about their experience at the event

There’s nothing like a corporate event to bring the team together and feel engaged with your company. With so many people from different departments attending, you want to make sure they have an experience that will not only be memorable but also one that is worth talking about for years after. Interviewing past attendees on their thoughts of the event can help you in two ways.

First, it will give you great insight into what worked and didn’t work from their perspective, which you can use to improve the next event. Second, these interviews are an excellent opportunity for social media sharing as they showcase your company’s professionalism and show the employees how much value they bring to the company with their thoughts and opinions.

3. Share your best moments of the day with an “event highlights” video compilation

Event highlights are a way to capture the most memorable moments of your event in video. These videos can be used as promotional content for other events or aired at future corporate gatherings.

Event highlights are also an excellent way for your attendees to share the event with their friends and family. Additionally, event highlights will allow your event to live on in social media conversations even after the event is over.

To create an event highlight, you can start with filming keynotes and speakers during the day of the corporate gathering. These videos focus more on capturing each speaker’s words as they speak rather than fidgeting while on stage.

Create video compilations of speakers and musical performances, highlights from various stations or booths, as well as any in-house entertainment that was offered to your attendees throughout the day. These videos should also include shots of the event venue itself so you can give a sense of what it’s like during the event.

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4. Tell the story behind one employee who is integral to the company’s success

Another video idea for your corporate event is to interview one employee who has made a significant contribution. You can tell that person’s story in both the video and through an accompanying blog post or article that you publish on the company website at the same time as the event. Your audience will enjoy watching this video, which should last about three minutes, but they’ll also want to know the rest of that person’s story.

Provide a bio and contact information for this employee. People will be able to follow up with them after the event if they want more detail or additional information about their work. The video is an opportunity to showcase your company’s employees and make it easy for potential hires (or customers) to get to know them.

5. Create a video of your company’s history

Showcasing your company’s history is a great idea to give your guests something fun and memorable at corporate events. These insights into the history of your company show new employees, customers, or partners what it took for you to get where you are today and provide some context in case they have forgotten about how far you’ve come since those early days.

To make sure that all attendees will enjoy the video, it’s essential to make sure that you have a diverse audience. It will also be more interesting if there is footage of your company over time and from different perspectives.

Here are some ideas for what could go into the video:

  • Old photos of your location or employees
  • Footage from previous corporate events
  • Any short interviews with employees
  • A timeline of your company’s history and key events

6. Document any new products or services that are to be released

Document any new products or services that are released to keep your company relevant. Fill gaps within blog posts with this video content, and update all of your other marketing material to ensure that the latest information at up to date at all times.

  • Introduce new services
  • Update your blogs and marketing resources with the latest marketing tips
  • Create a video to show off this year’s prototypes at trade shows
  • Use Instagram Stories for quick, on-demand videos. These are ideal for clients wanting an overview of what you offer or who want some inspiration before they sign up

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event for your team, an annual company meeting, or a convention, we have some ideas to help create memorable videos that will delight and engage.

Videos are not just about the content of what is being said but how they feel in general. The experience should be fun, so people want to watch it again! We hope these video content ideas inspire you as you plan your next big presentation or celebration.

If you need help pulling together all of this information into a cohesive marketing strategy, let us know–we’re here to support you every step of the way with our expertise from conception to execution.

Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti is the founder and lead content strategist at Video Outcomes, a Melbourne based digital marketing agency specialising in video marketing, video production and videography based in Melbourne, Australia and founded in 2017. Chris is a passionate video production, videography and SEO expert creating amazing multi-use content for a variety of platforms including video content for websites and ppc campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn since 2014 . On the days he is not making videos he is making music and playing with his kids.

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