Top 10 Videographers in Melbourne For Any Occasion in 2024

Who are the best 10 videographers in Melbourne?

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If you’re here then you’re on the lookout for a Melbourne based videographer to help capture something that’s really important to you.  Perhaps it’s a wedding or business, a meaningful event or the next ‘must-have’ product. 

This article will provide you with Melbournes best videography experts and freelance videographers for all occasions .

So…where to begin?

Let’s start off by saying that you should rarely use a wedding videographer for your business videos and it is unlikely that a corporate videographer will be able to provide you with everything you’ll need on your special day.

Having said that, for most videographers it doesn’t matter what they are filming. A skilled videographer should be able to capture and edit together great content regardless of the setting (wedding, event, product, brand or corporate).

What’s most important from a client’s perspective (i.e. you) should be ‘how smooth was the entire pathway to obtain my final footage?’.

Was it easy to book a date with the videographer? Was there clear communication between client and videographer? Was day of filming smooth or disruptive? were deadlines met? All of these factors will play into your videography experience.

Videographers may charge:

  • By the hour
  • By half day/ full day rate
  • By Package type e.g. 1 full event video, 1 highlight video, 3 snippet videos

Below is our list of Melbourne’s best videographers to help you create amazing videos for weddings, business, social media content, ecommerce, events and branded content.

1. Video Outcomes

Video Outcomes are Melbourne based videographers providing incredible footage at a great price point and expertise across multiple content types including corporate, interview, brand, product, social media content. 

The only area of videography they don’t cover unfortunately is weddings (see No. 2 below for Melbourne’s best wedding videographer!)

Provide them with an example of a video that you like, or something from either Video Outcomes’ corporate portfolio or social media portfolio and ask them to provide a quote!

Not only do Video Outcomes create great looking videos but they also have an exceptional understanding of how to optimise them for additional uses such as for paid campaigns, videos for use on websites and which videos will assist with your website’s SEO.


4/49 Cooper St Essendon, Victoria, Australia

All of Melbourne.

Specialising in:

  • Homepage Videos & Business Videography
  • Social Campaign Videography
  • How-To-Video Videography
  • Interview & Testimonial Videography
  • Event Videography
  • Freelance videographers and editing

Perfect For: small to medium businesses, large businesses without a full-time content department, videos for their website or socials, interview videos, testimonial videos, training and 

Below is Video Outcomes most recent reel to help you get a better understanding of the kinds of videos they can make for you. You can contact them here if you have a project you would like to discuss or to get a bespoke quote.

2. Lensure

Lensure provide precise filming and editing of your special day. We believe that the filming of a wedding is not just the simple recording process but the creation of a truly artistic and beautiful snapshot of the day.

Importantly, Lensure are highly experienced in Wedding videography, have a great looking product and very clear pricing and packaging. You know exactly what you’ll get and for what price.  

Suit 32, Level 4/358 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000 (By Appointment Only)

Specialising in:

  • Wedding Videography
  • Corporate Videography

Perfect For: Weddings with budget for a videographer between $2700 to $4600

Take a look at one of their wedding videos below!

3. Wedding Movies

Based in Melbourne, Wedding Movies create cinematic wedding videos that will capture your story, crafting it into a priceless keepsake. Wedding Movies can make your wedding story memorable, unique and lasting.

Established in 2003, Wedding Movies has spent nearly 20 years becoming one of Melbourne’s most reliable wedding videography companies. Capturing the heart and essence of weddings, their candid film style creates a time capsule of the events of your wedding day, ensuring no moments are missed. The movies they make feel deeply personal, authentic and unstaged. Wedding Movies are all about you.


6/31 Sabre Dr,
Port Melbourne,
3207 VIC

Specialising in:

  • Wedding Videography

Perfect For: Weddings with budget for a videographer between $2000 to $8000

5. Avagrace Productions

Ryan and the team at Ava Grace Productions thrive on creating videos that tell your story. Whether it’s your small business, a product you sell, information you need to convey, or an event you want to share with the world, they’ve got you covered.

With over 10 years of experience working with some of the world’s most renowned brands, Avagrace Productions know exactly how to create compelling content and media that communicates to your market.

They craft authentic, engaging content that makes your customers really feel something and their passion for getting the best results for you and your business comes through in every detail, helping people develop an emotional connection with your brand.


Level 14/380 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

Specialising in:

  • Corporate Videography
  • Freelance Videography and Editing
  • Event Videography
  • Drone Videography
  • Product Videography
  • Real Estate Videography

Perfect For: SME’s, Large Corporates, Conference and Event Coverage, Promotional Videos

Take a look at their website reel video to get an idea what they’re about and the kinds of videos they can make for you.

6. Moment 2 Moment

Moment 2 Moment offers Videography & Photography, across Melbourne including Corporate Video Production, Corporate Videography, Event Photography, Event Videography, Livestreaming Services, Birthday Party Photography.

Moment 2 Moment have been filming and photographing businesses, weddings and events for the last 6 years offering a 100% money back guarantee and peace of mind.

Location: 6 Maremma Dr, Mernda, 3754, Melbourne, Victoria 

Specialising in:

  • Corporate Interviews
  • Conference and Seminar Videos
  • Video Business Cards
  • Live Streaming
  • Wedding Videos
  • Events Videos

Perfect For: Small businesses, Weddings

See the video below for a sample of Moment 2 Moment’s interview videography work:

7. Cinestyle

Cinestyle offers a refreshing, new approach to wedding videography.

Their specialty is a stylish, modern cinematic style of video that is interesting to watch, whilst still faithfully recording all the most precious moments of the day.

Every Cinestyle video is unique, just as every wedding is different from the one before.

They understand the importance of capturing all the magical moments that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye or casual observer and will capture the colours and light, the movement and sounds, the music and scene changes, complete with all the emotions and atmosphere of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Location: 15 Boundary St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Specialising in:

  • Wedding Videography

Perfect For: Weddings with a videography budget of $2000 and up

Take a look at their video production showreel video below:

8. Videographer.Melbourne

The name goes a long way! So does their content!

If you’re looking for an excellent freelance videographer and an expert in the field look no further than Videographer Melbourne’s very own Adrian Cabrié.

With 17 years experience in video production Adrian can manage every aspect of your video. Concepts, scripting, sourcing talent, locations, shooting & editing your video – all equipment included.


Specialising in:

  • Brand Videography
  • Social Media Videography
  • Corporate Videography
  • Product Videography
  • Training Videography

Perfect For: Any sized Melbourne based business.

Take a look at their “Oh Crap” testimonial video below:

9. C2 Films

Since 2003, C2 Films have led the space of wedding videography in Melbourne.

They understand how much work it is to plan your wedding, and are there for you on your big day to make everything just that bit more magical.

C2 Films aim to delight and thrill from start to finish, and their hundreds of incredible clients have given them 5 star reviews!

Not only do C2 specialise in wedding videography but they are also highly capable in the advertising videography space!


8A Armstrong St, Middle Park VIC 3206

Specialising in:

  • Wedding Videography
  • Advertising Videography

Perfect For: Anyone looking for a video!

10. Dream Engine

Dream Engine are a video production company offering corporate videography services and have been creating video content for over 18 years in Melbourne. Though they are a production company they offer services from freelance camera operators all the way through to end-to-end corporate video production.


40 Porter St, Prahran VIC 3181

Specialising in:

  • Corporate Videography
  • Corporate Event Video
  • Training Videos
  • Corporate Animation Videos

Perfect For: Any sized Melbourne based business across the following industry sectors – Technology, Health, Government, Automotive and Education.

Take a look at their freelance videography testimonial and reel below:

Honourable mentions and Melbourne based video production companies we will be adding into the future include:


There are so many talented videographers servicing Melbourne and its surrounds that finding a videographer to help you film content is relatively simple. Finding the right one for you though could be a little overwhelming.

We hope are article has been useful to helping you choose a videographer for your specific requirements.

When making video content always keep in mind:

  1. What kind of video are you looking to make?
  2. What is your budget for your video project?

Do I need a video production company or should I hire a videographer? 

This all depends on what you’re looking to make and what your budget is.

Having clear expectations regarding what you’re looking to spend and what you want the quality of your end result to look like is paramount.

Sometimes there is a real disconnect between what kind of video people want to have made and what people want to spend. Being realistic is key to getting the most out of your video production company.

The easiest way to get an understanding of what your video will cost is to send your video videographer an example. Better yet, ask them what a video from their own portfolio cost to make. Here’s some further reading on the price of video production and videography in Melbourne.

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