Production Services

Production is all about ensuring you get the footage you want on the day of filming

Production is the phase of the video & film content development process during which time the production brief, scripts, actors, set, props, production equipment and production staff are scheduled and brought together to create the pieces that will become your final video or film content. It is the process of taking what was planned during pre-production and actioning it to create actual video footage.

In short. Lights, camera, action! This is everything involved within the day of filming.

What takes place during production will have effects that carry out into other parts of the video production process including post-production.

Production costs will often be a significant chunk of your overall video production budget. You may need to consider things like set design costumes for your actors, props such as furniture or other interior decorations; sound equipment rentals and crew expenses. 

The production stage is important because of all the tasks that it entails. For example, the lighting needs to be prepared, cameras need to be setup and aligned properly with the subject matter, and sound needs to be captured in an appropriate way.

Video Outcomes offers production services in the following areas that will make your final video look and sound incredible:


A great director has a an understanding of what is required of the final video and vision of how to acquire that vision from the set pieces at their disposal. They will transform your script into the final video production.

This means knowing whether a take was the right one, approving the performance of an actor or presenter during a take and consulting with other production staff such as DOP's and camera operators about lighting, camera angles and sequences.

Camera Operation & Cinematography

Camera costs and camera operation can be one of the most expensive line items come with video production and are impossible to avoid.

If your budget is low then our camera operators and DOP's will also help with producing and direction on the day. If your budget is higher then often these jobs will be separated in order to increase efficiency, creative input and overall quality on the day.

A great DOP or camera operator is always at the centre of your video production. Ultimately it through their eyes (and lenses) that your video will be filmed through


Lighting is a crucial element in every video production.

It’s what defines the look and feel of your shoot, from moody to modern-day or documentary style. It won't matter how expensive a production camera is if you don't have light. Light helps determine depth, shape and field of vision.

Though lighting equipment can be expensive and an additional skill required in larger productions, great lighting will have major impact on how viewers perceive your finished work.

Audio Production & Field Recording

Capturing crystal clear audio is almost as important as acquiring sharp and in focus video footage. In fact it won't matter how great your footage is if the audio to match it is distracting. Things that make audio distracting include high wind noise, peaking or popping of audio, lapel microphone rustling against clothes.

Video Outcomes offer services in audio production and audio field recording to help acquire clear audio that s perfect mixing and mastering in post-production. This means your audio isn't recorded at too low or too high a volume.

We can help record: Dialogue, event audio, audio for sound design, atmospheric sounds etc. If you watch a video and don't even register the audio as a seperate feature then job well done.

Hair, Make-up & Wardrobe

Depending of your production budget hair & makeup can quickly disappear as many actors are perfectly capable of managing their own appearance for filming days.

Hair and make-up will not only add an extra level of production value and consistency across an entire production but can also encompass the requirement for effects such as blood, bruising and ageing artifacts.

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We’re here to help! Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect video for your business. We’ll take care of everything from scripting and storyboarding, casting, filming and editing your video, all the way to managing your targeted video marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn. We consider where a video will be used, who the target market is, what the call to action is, and how your audience should engage with your content (through click, purchase, video view).

Video Outcomes Video Productions and Videographers specialise in creating high quality short form video content for local businesses like yours. By working with us you’ll save time and money on hiring a full-time production team or expensive freelance videographers while getting custom made marketing videos at an affordable price.

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