Top 10 Creative Content Agencies in Melbourne 2024

 The 10 Best Content Marketing Agencies in Melbourne

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If you’re looking to thrive in the competitive digital world, you’ve got to check out a creative content agency in Melbourne! They’re the secret sauce to success. A creative agency can bring in innovative strategies, cool visuals, and top-notch creative skills to make your brand shine online, on TV, on billboards, radio or on paper. Plus, they’ve got social media management down pat, amplifying your reach like nobody’s business.

You know what’s even better? They’ll establish your brand as an authority with awesome content and data-driven decisions that get results. It’s like magic! And the best part? You save time and money, focusing on what you do best while they handle the nitty-gritty.

Adaptability is key in the content marketing world. Your creative agency should always on top of trends, making sure your brand stays relevant and competitive in this fast-paced market. So, 10 of Melbourne’s best creative content marketing agencies sprinkle their creativity and local insights on your brands presence, and watch your business grow with a whole lot of joy!

1. Monster & Bear

At number 1! We have Melbourne video production legends Monster & Bear. 

Meet the formidable team at Monster & Bear, recently they have rebranded as a full service content agency. A creative powerhouse with a growing internal crew of imaginative minds – from artistic art directors to savvy producers and tech-savvy animators. And wait, there’s more! They’ve got eight specialist directors officially on board, plus a vast network of talents waiting to rock your projects.

From epic commercials to captivating brand films, they do it all with flair, leaving audiences utterly amazed. With a unified spirit and endless enthusiasm, they’ll take your wildest ideas and make them come alive on the big screen, small screen, across socials, digital to TVC’s

Monster & Bear is bigger, better, and more integrated than ever before! So why not join them for a cuppa (or your favorite beverage)? Get ready to embark on a wild creative journey together, where storytelling meets innovation, and the magic happens. With Monster & Bear, your content dreams are about to become a reality. Let the fun begin!

Check out their hilarious short below “The Perfect Brief”.


13-19 Leslie St, Brunswick VIC 3056

Specialising in:

  • Agency & Partnership Video Production, Brand Videos, Brand Documentaries, Television Commercials, Animation Videos (3D and 2D)

Perfect For: Agencies, Brands with a national audience, Universities, NGO’s, Government Departments and Local Councils, Banks, Technology Companies, Schools.

Monster & Bear’s clients include: Tourism Victoria, Nando’s, Victoria University, Bunnings, Movember, Beyond Blue and AFLW

We The People holds the distinguished title of being an official TikTok Marketing Partner, earning recognition and accreditation from TikTok as a top-notch provider of creative and media solutions for brands in Australia & New Zealand.

This prestigious partnership allows We The People to work directly with TikTok, ensuring that your brand stands out on the coveted For You Page.

With their expertise and TikTok’s backing, get ready to make a splash and capture the hearts of your audience like never before!

We The People have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland and help brand across AU and NZ create incredible content fast! Though they are TikTok specialists at heart they boast an impressive resume across socials, print, digital and article based content and paid media content and distribution.

We The People can be found in Melbourne:

Level 4, 80 Market Street

South Melbourne, 3205, VIC

+61 (03) 9103 1391

3. The Natives

Regardless of whether you possess fully-formed strategies or are venturing into uncharted digital territories, The Natives provides unwavering support throughout the process. From planning to production and content optimisation, they can guide you into a new era of digital marketing.

Their interactive and optimized content offerings are truly exceptional. From keyword-rich blogs to comprehensive guides and engaging surveys, The Natives crafts written gems that captivate audiences while boosting search rankings. This paves the way for broader conversations with customers in the online realm.

The Workshop’s visual content creation is nothing short of remarkable. With a talented network of photographers, videographers, and animators, they bring clients’ visions to life, halting thumbs in their tracks with captivating visuals. Their design prowess has earned them accolades, showcasing their ability to create action-packed advertising.


5B 107-111 High Street,
Prahran, 3181

4. Melbourne Social Co.

Melbourne Social Co is an exceptional social media marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia, renowned for its dynamic and innovative solutions. With a focus on creating authentic and impactful social media strategies, they cater to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Services: Melbourne Social Co offers a wide range of services, including social media management, engaging content creation, community engagement, and influential marketing strategies. They tailor each service to suit the unique brand identity and marketing goals of their clients.

  • Captivating Visual Content: The agency’s forte lies in crafting compelling visual content that captivates audiences. They leverage high-quality imagery and creative storytelling to make brands stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

  • Fostering Brand Communities: Melbourne Social Co excels in building strong relationships between brands and their followers. Their approach nurtures a sense of community, fostering loyalty and encouraging brand advocacy.


203/546 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000


5. MilkBar Digital

Milkbar Digital is an innovative social media and creative content agency in Melbourne, specializing in FMCG and retail brands. They are a one-stop shop for social content, digital content and social media management and marketing.

Milkbar Digital’s customer-centric approach ensures personalized support and guidance for each client, making them feel like family. Ready for a digital adventure?

Milk the magic with Milkbar Digital to boost brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty, becoming a social media sensation! 🌟🚀


Level 1/5 Little Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181

logo of a Melbourne based content creation agency

6. Context Agency

At their core, Context Agency possess extensive expertise spanning diverse industry sectors, including travel, food and wine, finance, technology, automotive, and education.

Their heritage lies in digital, print, custom media, and content marketing, enabling Context Agency to deliver exceptional results in these domains.

Their reach extends beyond their talented core team of Laura Stansfield and Nancy Csutoros. Context Agency have cultivated a robust network of experienced partners and contributors, ensuring that they can tackle any challenge or subject with the precise expertise required.

You can be confident that you’ll always find the right skills and knowledge for your brands unique content marketing and creative needs.

Specialising in:


  • Audience research; Persona development; Content audits; Landscape analysis


  • Content marketing strategy; Social media strategy; Communications strategy; Employer branding strategy; Channel planning; Content planning and calendars; Governance and role definition

Content Creation

  • Articles and blogs; Infographics; Video; Made-for-social; Ebooks and whitepapers; Magazines, books and newsletters; SEO copywriting

Website development

  • Content UX; Information architecture; Design and build; Content hub development; Copywriting

Context Agency are Melbourne based and can be found here:

Ph:+61 422 848 147

7. Glue Content

Glue Content are the perfect creative partner, delivering agency-quality work at affordable prices. With extensive experience across various brands and organisations, from government sectors to businesses of all sizes, they offer versatility and expertise.

Their mission is to integrate seamlessly with your marketing and communications team, understanding your brand in-depth. From mesmerizing video content, captivating animations, and eye-catching graphic designs to stunning photography and engaging copywriting, their skilled team covers all content needs.

They excel in meeting tight deadlines, managing the entire content process from start to finish, so you can focus on other priorities. Their broadcasting expertise includes delivering live game day content at major sporting stadiums across Australia.

From concept to delivery, they’ll be your guiding stars, bringing your vision to life with boundless creativity. Join forces with them and watch your brand shine like never before!



8. Engine Scout

Engine Scout have gained invaluable insights into the workings of the digital marketing industry and they boast to possess a strategic advantage over their competitors. Their expertise lies in effectively managing various aspects of ecommerce, such as merchandising, promotions, inventory, and fulfilment, all while ensuring a strong bottom line.

Their core services are centered around delivering a positive return on investment for their clients. Their skill set encompasses a range of services, including SEO services, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, content creation, conversion optimization, and ecommerce merchandising. They have honed these channels to achieve exceptional results through meticulous and strategic execution.

With an evident love for ecommerce and SEO, they excel in providing their clients with valuable insights and expert guidance. Their clients can rely on their wealth of knowledge and proficiency in ecommerce marketing to help them achieve their business objectives successfully.


18/13 Gateway Dr, Carrum Downs VIC 3201

Ph: (03) 9579 7437

logo of a Melbourne based digital content agency

9. The Meaningful Social Club

The Meaningful Social Club (TMSC) is a female-owned and operated social media agency in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 2020 during the pandemic, their aim is to become the best in the city, if not the whole country. They focus on helping meaningful businesses find their voice on social media and have built positive relationships with their clients based on joy, love, and passion for their work.

TMSC values healthy communication and mutual respect with their clients, considering many of them as dear friends rather than just colleagues. They have a strong sense of culture and selectively work only with brands and organisations they genuinely believe in and connect with on a personal level. They prioritise turning down business opportunities that do not align with their values.

As a boutique agency, they offer specialised and personalised social media services. Their website provides more information about the specific services they offer.


Level 5, Creative Cubes, 111 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

10. 10 Feet Tall

10 Feet Tall’s impressive track record of success in propelling businesses to new heights should create confidence for those seeking unparalleled growth. By continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and leveraging a deep understanding of human behavior, 10 Feet Tall craft campaigns that genuinely resonate with the target audience.

Ultimately, 10 Feet Tall’s mission centers on crafting exceptional and attention-grabbing campaigns that elevate brands, making them stand out amidst fierce competition. Their approach, grounded in empathy, data, and creativity, is a winning combination that ensures brands achieve remarkable results in the dynamic and ever-evolving market landscape.


Unit 702/11 Wilson St, South Yarra VIC 3141

See a sample of their work here



Ultimately what you should be seeking to find with any Melbourne based content agency are the following qualities:

  1. Quality Assurance: A content agency should be known for delivering high-quality content creation services. This helps in selecting from reputable and skilled professionals.

  2. Client Testimonials: Does the agency have client testimonials or case studies, providing insights into the agencies’ past work and client satisfaction levels.

  3. Local Expertise: Melbourne-based content agencies should have a deep understanding of the local market, audience preferences, and cultural nuances, which can be advantageous for location-specific content.

  4. Innovation and Trends: Content agencies featured above are likely to stay updated with the latest content creation trends and technologies, ensuring innovative approaches to content development.

  5. Proven Track Record: A Melbourne based content agency should be able to demonstrate their expertise through successful projects, establishing a proven track record of delivering results.

  6. Industry Insights: Content creation agencies with significant experience often possess valuable industry insights, helping clients tailor content strategies to achieve their specific goals.

  7. Collaborative Partnerships: A top creative agency should be able to foster mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and agencies, encouraging collaborative and creative working relationships.

Ultimately, the Melbourne based content agency that you choose should serves as a valuable resource to aid your businesses in creating the right content for your brands needs across socials, print, digital, performance marketing, SEO and video.

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