The Types of Videos a Videographer Can Make to Help Your Business Grow in 2021

Video is becoming the golden nugget of business content. Both externally and internally.

Marketing that uses video drives revenue faster and builds trust with consumers at a much higher rate than businesses that don’t use video at all. 

Though video is not just a marketing tool, and different sorts of video can drive business growth in other areas of your company. 

Be it a product demonstration video or an induction video targeted at new employees – the medium of moving pictures tells stories in an engaging and captivating way. 

Here are five kinds of videos that will help your business grow. 

Jars showing business growth due to using video production

Videos that communicate what you do to help your customers

This is arguably the most essential part of your business. It’s what you stand for; it’s what you believe; it’s what differentiates you to your customers. 

Using video and a videographer to communicate what you do, or your unique selling point is a way to story-tell through a picture. It is captivating your audience and potential customers engagingly. 

A three-to-five-minute video can articulate so much and acts as an opportunity to relate to your target customer and draw them in. You control the messaging, offering a window into your product or service and driving sales. 

A corporate videographer could create this to feature on your About Page or even Homepage. This video is also perfect for sharing or even distributing using paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin. 

Product demonstration video

Using video to highlight all the important things about a product or a service can offer insight and build a connection. A Melbourne videographer can create a video that touches on the product features, uses and tips, a tutorial style unboxing, or a product review. 

This type of content helps to engage viewers and answer questions they may have. It builds confidence in the brand and improves conversation rates. 

Using a professional videographer to create this type of content will help deliver top quality information to customers. 

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Social media marketing video

Some say the most effective testimonials are ones that are captured through video. It’s authentic, it’s real, and it’s persuasive. 

Using a videographer to create testimonials for your business will help create something that people can trust and develop social proof that drives sales. 

Seeing the smiling faces of happy customers and hearing their heartfelt appreciation of the service or product will entice people to enquire more or, better yet, purchase. 

As corporate videographers, we understand the importance of making these videos to be as accurate as possible.

With that in mind, when you hire a videographer for your video, ask them in your production brief if they can assist with making your production feel unscripted through the use of a well written questionnaire.

This will elicit a genuine response from the interviewee as most people are not paid actors that can perform using a strict script.. 

Employee recruitment video

Attracting the best talent will help your business succeed and make more money. One of the ways to do this is through a well thought out, professionally produced recruitment video.

A corporate videographer can help showcase your business positively and engagingly to potential candidates. The footage could feature on your careers page and be advertised to a targeted audience on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Creating a sensational video will impact your ability to source the talent that you want and need for your business. 

Employee training videos

Having solid systems and processes communicated clearly to your staff is integral to your success. We see it time and time again with training video becoming quickly outdated or not existing at all.

Having engaging training videos produced by a professional videographer will excite staff and motivate them to learn. This is your competitive advantage. 

Video is also an extremely effective way to learn, speed up the induction process, and break down complex concepts into bite-sized content. 

Whether it’s external marketing or internal employee clips, using video in your business is no longer an option – is it a must-do. It instantly builds rapport with the audience and allows you to communicate in a simple and effective way.

A professionally shot video with quality sound, lighting and story can skyrocket sales, attract top talent, and improve systems and processes. 

For videography Melbourne, try Video Outcomes. We create engaging video content for small businesses and large corporations and have a proven track record in providing clients results.

Video done right can have a tremendous effect on your business growth. Reach out today. 

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