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Video enhances brand marketing and fuels growth. It is the lifeblood of many successful marketing campaigns, and 2021 will see video increase in popularity.

You see, consumers now expect video from brands and struggle to connect with those who do not provide this sort of content.

Whether it is a short Facebook commercial or a “how-to” series hosted on a website – audiences find video simple, engaging, and entertaining. But what are some of the legalities around creating video content?

In some instances, videography and video production in Melbourne and filming in specific locations will require a permit. 

As a corporate videographer service in Melbourne, we get asked about this all the time.

It is crucial to know the law before you begin your production process. Having a mishap with the rules could not only get you into trouble with law enforcement, but it could cost you and your company considerably.

Below is an outline of everything you need to know about video production in Melbourne. 

National Gallery of Victoria

This includes NGV International on St Kilda Road, The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Federation Square and other NGV locations

Apply here for a filming permit for the NGV.

Federation Square

“Filming and photography permits are required for: Commercial stills photography, Television commercials, documentaries, music videos, Brand promotion, Low impact filming*, Major impact filming*”

Apply here for a filming permit for Federation Square.

The Arts Centre Melbourne

You will require permission to film commercial content at the Arts Centre Melbourne.

Apply here for a filming permit for The Arts Centre Melbourne.


South Melbourne Market

Filming and photography permits are required for: “television, feature films, advertising, student film projects, documentaries
music videos, commercial stills photography”

Apply here for a filming permit for South Melbourne Market.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Filming and photography permits are required for: weddings, commercial, event, non-profit, 

Apply here for a filming permit and associated permits pricing for The Royal Botanical Gardens.

Melbourne and Olympic Parks Precinct

Apply here for a filming permit for Melbourne and Olympic parks Precinct 

City of Yarra

“A filming permit is required if you wish to use Council land for the purpose of still photography, television, feature films, advertising and television commercials, documentaries and music videos.”

Apply here for a filming permit for parks, sports grounds, streets and council buildings within the City of Yarra

Parks Victoria

You will require a permit for areas managed by Parks Victoria for all filming and photography activities conducted as a trade or business including: commercial wedding and portrait photographers not already covered by a wedding event permit; all drone filming and photography.

Apply here for a filming permit for areas managed by Parks Victoria

City of Port Phillip

A filming permit is required in the City of Port Phillip for the following activities: “television, feature films, advertising, student film projects, documentaries, music videos, commercial stills photography and wedding photography”

Apply here for a filming permit for areas within the City of Port Philip

City of Bayside

A filming permit is required in the City of Bayside for the following activities: “commercial filming, amateur/emerging producers and/or directors
commercial still photography
community or student filming
parking of oversize vehicles during filming and photography”

Apply here for a filming permit for areas within the City of Bayside

Vicroads Filming Permits – For Arterial Roads and Freeways

You will also need to apply for approval from VicRoads for filming on a local road if: “there will be impacts on traffic
any unregistered, modified (i.e. with camera mounts) or specialised filming vehicles will be used exemptions from certain requirements of the Road Safety Act and associated rules and regulations are required”

Apply here for a filming permit with Vicroads. Here is a guide to filming on Victorian roads.

Video Outcomes Video Production Permit Approval Melbourne Flinders St

Will I require a permit to film in Melbourne?

If you plan on using your content for commercial purposes then yes, you will require a permit. That means if you and your mate grab a camera and take a few pics at St Kilda beach, you’re golden.

But if your company executes a shoot in public intended for commercial distribution, you will need a permit. 

If you record images of any kind (still or moving) and intend to broadcast them publicly for financial gain, this is considered commercial. 

Some examples of filming that are considered to be commercial are television shows, movies, commercials, music videos, and still photography intended for sale or display. 

In some cases, you also need a permit for non-commercial filming. 

Some examples of Melbourne filming locations you would need a permit for are:

  • Roads and streets
  • Museums 
  • National parks
  • Beaches
  • Cemeteries
  • Zoos
  • Gardens
  • Sporting facilities 
  • Courthouses. 

What does it cost to get a permit to film in The City of Melbourne?

Costs associated with getting a permit to film in Melbourne (City of Melbourne) are as follows.

  1. An application fee of $61
  2. Duration fees (for parks, gardens and reserves) per hour: $307 ; up to four hours per day: $736 or four plus hours per day: $1475
  3. Unit base fees where they apply are $613 inclusive of GST
Here is a link to a guide provided by the City of Melbourne for planning your filming in Melbourne.

Who manages permit applications for video production in The City of Melbourne? 

The City of Melbourne manages permit applications for filming. They have a system for assessing each permit on a case-by-case basis and understanding each situation’s requirement. Their job involves communication with the filming applicant, stakeholders, public authorities and Film Victoria

Do I need insurance when filming in The City of Melbourne?

When engaging in commercial filming, a permit is not the only thing you could need. In some instances, companies must show proof of public liability insurance before the permit is granted – and before the filming can take place. 

Do I need a traffic management plan when filming in Melbourne?

Some larger operations disrupt traffic. Be it because of road filming or a large gathering of cast members obstructing pedestrian access. The Traffic Management Plans and Pedestrian Management Plans must comply with specific requirements and must be submitted to gain permission to film. 

When do I need a permit to film in Melbourne?

You will need a filming permit from the City of Melbourne if one of the following applies to your situation:

  • You and your crew are more significant than six people. 
  • The filming setup is more than one camera, one tripod and a handheld sound recording device. 
  • Your filming shoot will block a footpath without leaving 2.5m space for pedestrians. 
  • You are disrupting business activity. 
  • You need special vehicle access to a location. 
  • You wish to use a drone as part of your Melbourne videography.  

The Top Places to Film in Melbourne Australia

We have collated a list of some of the most stunning and breathtaking locations in this gorgeous city (and here for great places to film indoors in Melbourne). Whether you want a scenic shot of the Botanical Gardens or the hustle and bustle of QVM – this list will aid you in your search for the best location. Filming at some of these locations will require a permit, depending on your specific circumstances. We recommend checking the rules and guidelines above before you press record. 

Abbotsford Convent

If you haven’t already been, this place is absolutely stunning. The grounds have over 100 studios, two galleries, a school, and oodles of green open space. Situated right next to the Yarra, this Garden of Eden provides a tranquil feel. 

The Sun Theatre, Yarraville

If you are looking for an old school feel for your video production – Melbourne has the Sun Theatre. The Art Deco architecture and boutique cinema make this the perfect setting for a historical piece or a funky corporate video. Melbourne videography with style and class. 

The State Library

The state library has symmetrical lines, a glorious amount of books and incredible architecture. The State Library is calm and quiet, and if you are looking for a corporate videographer to shoot at this location, you will need a permit. The application process will be worth it if you are allowed to film here. 

Royal Botanic Gardens

The lake, the flowers, the tan surrounding it all, and the Yarra right next door. This location is one of the best in this gorgeous city. Melbourne videography services know the value of this location, and people film here all the time for the stunning scenery. 

Queen Victoria Market

This location is a Melbourne icon. Operating since 1878, the brick, shed-like setup is old and a constant reminder of the past. It has the night market in the summer and a bustling Sunday market every week. 

Video Outcomes is a video marketing agency that provides video production services to small business and large corporations. We can help with any permit application processes and take the burden and stress off you as a business. The skill we provide in production planning and execution will transform your video. 

Video Outcomes Video Production Permit Approval Melbourne Flinders St
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