Melbourne Tango Orchestra

Melbourne Tango Orchestra

Melbourne Tango Orchestra, Australia’s only regularly performing ‘Orquesta Tipica’ take their classic tango repertoire southside to the fabled Memo Music Hall.

Performing repertoire from tango’s Golden Era and beyond, this twelve-piece orchestra features strings, piano, double bass and 3 bandoneóns, the essential symbol of Argentinean tango. Enriched by the charming voice of Argentinean-born vocalist Juan Veron, these dedicated musicians bring the great names of tango to life – Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese and Carlos De Sarli. Doing away with cliché, the Melbourne Tango Orchestra is contemporary, urban, dynamic, lyrical and romantic.

2 videos were created for The Melbourne Tango Orchestra to help with their video marketing strategy.

Video Outcomes was asked to entertainingly display the orchestra’s size, depth, musical repertoire and skillset.

The social media videos below will help translate to venue and festival bookers what text simply cannot.

The quality of The Melbourne Tango Orchestra is properly represented in this video production by its size, the look and professionalism of its members and the passion with which they perform.



Melbourne Tango Orchestra


20 Jan 2020


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