LTYB Listen To Your Body

LTYB - Listen To Your Body - Gyms & Group Fitness

Video Outcomes produced this testimonial video as part of a digital marketing campaign using social media video content designed to run over 4 months.

3 testimonial videos were created to show new & potential customers the trust and the relationships that had been built over time between the owner of LTYB and its customers. Testimonial videos are a great way to earn trust quickly with potential customers and work well as both social media content and corporate video content

In addition to the testimonial videos, a further 4 unique messages were created to appeal to a variety of customers for use in pay-per-click social media advertising such as Facebook advertising and Instagram Advertising. Videos were created and ads were targeted to appeal to potential customers that were i) parents ii) recommended exercise by a GP or specialist iii) obese or overweight iv) people new to exercise.



Listen To Your Body
Group Fitness


20 May, 2019


Corporate Video Production, Social Media Advertising, Web Video Production