Connie Lichti Ceramics

Connie Lichti Ceramics School

Video Outcomes produced this video advertisement to improve the uptake rate for Connie Lichti’s Pottery School. It has been used as a Melbourne based Facebook Advertisement for over 2 years helping to sell out Connie’s pottery classes. People that have watched more than 50% of this video are considered highly engaged potential customers and are re-targeted with new ads every term.

Unlike previously made video advertisements that displayed Connie’s expertise as a craftsperson, this social media video demonstrates the experience students will get when they enrol at Connie’s school.

Displayed are the attention each student receives per class; Connie’s friendly and attentive nature and a variety of different course items from pottery throwing to glazing.



Connie Lichti
Ceramics School


20 Feb, 2020


Corporate Video Production, Social Media Advertising, Web Video Production