How did Video Outcomes start?

Video Outcomes was originally a dedicated video production company working solely on social media and corporate video productions.
We noticed that months after the videos were created they were sitting on the front page of a website or Youtube channel with very few views. We were shocked! Our content couldn’t be that bad could it?
Logo for Video Outcomes Melbourne located video marketing agency and video production company
We would eventually come into contact with a recently retired television media buyer (who used to purchase television advertising slots for advertising companies) and a digital marketing consultant that quickly told us the same thing that
“the likelihood of our content being lost in the graveyard of little loved homepage videos was the fate of most content that wasn’t promoted.”
So what were we making video content for if nobody was going to see it? If nobody was going to learn anything from it or businesses weren’t going to gain anything from it?

We sought help from some of our experienced friends and started to team up on many occasions learning from them as we went.

We would learn:

  • The usefulness of video in SEO strategy. Google prefers pages with videos of certain length (but you have to tell them what the video is about!).
  • That one piece of video content should be placed on no less than 5 different social media platforms. 
  • That the engaging nature of video is a huge advantage in social media promotion.
  • That the re-targeting metrics that can only come with video advertisements can drastically improve conversion rates.

Our media buyer friend would also tell us how frequently advertising agencies had spent entire marketing budgets on content and left nothing for distribution leading to the same problems that we discussed above.

Quality content with no means for people to view it!

So we learnt and learnt until we became the authorities in Melbourne for Video Production, Video Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.