How To Choose The Right Video Production Company in Melbourne

Getting a video made in Melbourne? The last thing you need is to have your time and money going down the drain by choosing the wrong video production company.

When you decide to do video production in Melbourne, the production company you select must understand your needs end-to-end. Whatever they do has to make a significant impact on the final video and keep the target audience mesmerised.

Here, we will present a few things that you need to be aware of when looking for the ideal video production company.

Things to know when choosing a Melbourne based video production company.

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Ensure They Can Provide Reliability

Most reliable video production companies are detail-oriented. They recognize all of the possible obstacles that may occur and plan. This helps to save a lot of your budget, resources, and precious time.

Knowing that they can consider these details, you can make better decisions that can improve the overall quality of your video.

By reviewing any previous customer comments, you can easily determine the reliability of the firm. You can conclude how they interact, whether they work great as a team, and if they can quickly adapt to your needs. All this can be done just by skimming through the experiences of their former customers.

Are Company Cultures in Sync with One Another?

No matter what type of production company you work with, their team needs to work as your extended arm. This means the style, work, and nature of the production team need to sync perfectly.

They also need to feel comfortable and be open to making necessary inquiries and suggestions that can help to improve your concept. For this to work smoothly, your work cultures need to be in line.

Are the Concepts Original?

Any video that you produce needs to grab the targets’ attention in a way that no other video has ever influenced. This includes incorporating originality so that the end product is unique and entertaining to engage a viewing audience that consumes a lot of content.

Any video production company in Melbourne that you choose must produce exceptional original work so that the viewers are captivated till the final second.

You can ascertain this aspect of the company by reviewing their past productions.

When you are unable to find any valuable inputs that can evaluate the production company, you must ask them critical questions that can reveal their insights and expertise in video production.

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Is Overall Standard Up To Par for You?

The overall quality standard of the video can eliminate unforeseen problems during post-production. Having a substandard video makes the entire process look a lot more cumbersome, and you end up cashing out more.

This can also be avoided by scrutinising previous products. You should be able to see how their previous products turned out based on how the production company works.

Are the Services Reasonably Priced?

Working with a budget is never an easy task when there are several activities involved. But when you find the right company that provides everything within your budget, your project will go smoothly.

Before your search for the perfect business video production company, you must have the concepts ready to be explained to the production team. This is critical as the concept must be presented to the production team to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

After this, the search can begin. When bringing a production company on board that fits the allocated budget, you should consider everything.

What a video should cost to make in Melbourne is always topic that is highly debatable. Get enough quotes to understand the kind of video you can afford that will suit your needs.

Sometimes your budget go further by allocating it to a highly skilled Melbourne videographer that can bridge the gap and show you that the difference between videography and video production may not be as big as you think.

First Impressions Count

Right from the start, you should think about a few essential things.

Such as:

  • Quality of previous video work they share – Having videos that fail to qualify your level of expectations can cause dismay. So if you don’t like what you see in their portfolio, you have to assume that this is not the right team to help you produce your video.
  • If other clients are continuously getting work done through them – you can be sure that the quality is good. If they have partnered with top players in the industry, the more credence in their expertise.
Example of Video Outcomes Digital Marketing campaign, offering Melbourne based Services such as video production, social media advertising, Google Ads and SEO.

Putting together a brief for a video

If you are new to video production, you must create a brief. A brief helps convey your needs to your production partner to know what you are expecting out of the video.

No matter what the brief is for, the point is to show that both parties are on the same line from start to finish.

Before contacting your preferred production company, you should inquire about a few things first. These are:

  • Are they actually Melbourne based?
  • Which services will be outsourced and which services will be completed in-house?
  • Can they complete the project within your timeline?
  • Can they create something similar to an example you have provided. Always provide examples that you like.
  • Do they charge for creative?
  • Are there extra charges for changes? how many amendments or reviews are allowed?

Communication is Key

Because video is an excellent tool for delivering important information, your production partner has to understand what you want to talk about in the video and the intention behind it.

Think about the following as you decide on a partnership:

  • Is your point understood well by them?
  • Do the ideas and questions align with your business’s needs?
  • Does the production company make suggestions appropriately concerning the service you offer?

Feel comfortable asking these because it will ensure the production company syncs well with your production needs and will better help to communicate what you want to see on screen when the final product is done.

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Warning Bells and Positive Signs

Before making a definitive choice on who should work on your film and video production in Melbourne, you need to take stock of some signs that may decide whether or not to continue seeking their professional support.

A few signs to be cautious of involve the following:

  • Too much talk and not enough action to back up the claims they talk about. They also ask very few questions to get a complete understanding of what you want.
  • There is no previous experience in the industry. Having zero experience may lead to a video that becomes dull.
  • They do not share any previous partner labels on their website. Not having any evidence of previous contacts may show the amount of professionalism they express to the clients they serve.

A few signs that will benefit you include the following:

  • They utilise the same video production methods for themselves as they do for clients.
  • They feel confident showing you their previous work, which is similar to your production needs.
  • Records exist which show work completed for companies with high reputations.

Study the Case Studies

When choosing your production company, you must ask for a few case studies of their previous projects. Take the time to watch the videos they offer and understand the level of expertise by analysing important aesthetic aspects of each video they provide.

Keep the details in mind and determine if the production company can deliver the stunning footage that you have in mind for your video. By scrutinising the level of details in the sample videos they share, you can determine how much attention they pay to understand the concept and the client’s end requirements.

Pay attention to the number of video effects and elements such as special effects, music, live footage, animation, or even stock footage.

Understand your video marketing campaign budget constraints

Financial Fit

Most Melbourne video production companies offer great deals based on the kind of project you are approaching, and that said, the cost of video production can vary from a thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars based on your requirements.

The budget has to be decided based on the kind of video that you plan to make. If it’s a business video production that will be viewed continuously and well into the future, make sure you have a decent budget.

If you want a great video produced, you can’t always rely on a cheap video production company. Usually, a cheap company follows substandard video production strategies, and the result you get may be disheartening. That’s why you must use your discretion in selecting the best using any experience that you can draw upon and the information that is available for you from third-party sources.

Also, you need more experienced and talented people in the team to get the best result. They play a pivotal role in the output you get, and so compromising on the pricing may lead to inexperienced members working on your dream project.

To get your money’s worth, it is best to hop between multiple companies, checking out their pros and cons, and finally zeroing down on one that is a perfect fit for your requirements.

If there are doubts about the quote, make sure to get all the details in writing so that no surprises show up after the project completion. Make sure to enquire about the number of included edits there are included within the package.


When you are in the market for a great Melbourne video production company, it makes total sense to do your homework, compare many, and then shop. Make sure that your decision is based on all of the above details so that you know there is a strong and reliable production team by your side to get the video out to its full potential.

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