Melbourne Videographers: How To Choose The Right One For Your Needs

Are you looking for a Melbourne based videographer to make videos for social media or for your website but don’t know where to start?

If you need a videographer in Melbourne then here are some great tips and questions to ask them to help you establish the right quality, price and experience for your videography and video content production needs.

Not all videographers are the same. Those that specialise in wedding videography are less likely to be able to help produce your business videos or your social media videos.

Essential tips for hiring a videographer:

• Ask for examples from your videographer
• Provide examples of how you want your final video to look
• Manage your expectations, as with all things, you get what you pay for.
• Your videographer should be asking you plenty of questions

What does a Melbourne videographer cost?

Videography in Melbourne, Australia will be charged in one of 2 ways, on a project basis or by the hour. The hourly rate of a videographer will be determined by their experience and the type of clients they complete work for.

The average hourly rate of a videographer in Victoria, Australia is $50p/hr (serviceseeking). 

Though this figure is likely an aggregate hourly rate spread across the two main tasks of videography:

  1. Camera operation (a lower volume task with a higher average associated hourly rate) and,
  2. Editing and post-production (higher volume task and lower associated hourly rate)

In our experience, students and hobbyist videographers will charge up to $60p/hr for camera operation or cinematography where professional videographers will charge from $90 p/hr and upwards from there.

Though most videographers have an hourly rate option many videographers may also have a minimum callout charge e.g. 4 hours

Day rates for professional videographers on average are between:

  • $400 to $750 per ½ day (min. 4 hours)
  • $800 to $1200 per full day (up to 8 hrs)

The majority of videography work in Melbourne is actually project based.

That is to say that most people want to know what it will cost to have a finished video made. What does it cost a videographer to:
• Film
• Edit
• Deliver the final videos

We break down the costs of completed video production here and discuss what kind of video you could expect to have made for:
• $100
• $500-$1000
• $1000-$3000
• $3000-$5000
• $10k+

What do I need from a videographer before I get started?

After the first discussion with your videographer you should be able to have provided to you a draft project brief that both parties can make amendments to during this early courting period. This project brief should contain:

• A summary of your projects requirements
• A quote
• A timeline to completion including when your videographer can start, how long will editing will take
• What you require as deliverables e.g. 4x videos with subtitles, in a range of sizes for all social media channels.
• An understanding of how many revisions you will be able to make.
• Examples of video content that you have sourced and would like your final video to look like to help guide the videographer
Remember, a videographer that asks plenty of questions is a good thing!

Does your videographer have the right equipment?

An experienced videographer should have a range of equipment beyond cameras and lenses to help get the kind of video content you are looking to make (and back-up equipment in case of equipment failure, often a distinguishing feature between more experienced videographers and those with less experience). This additional equipment includes:

Basic Lighting Equipment

Lighting is essential for videography and photography. Where lighting for photography can be much smaller and more portable
A professional Melbourne based videographer should have access to a basic lighting kit for interviews that take place indoors and outdoors. Every basic lighting kit should include at least:
• One portable key light
• One portable backlight
• Stands and diffusers
• Options for lights to be battery powered.

Audio Production Equipment

Audio is a fundamental part of all videos, it is particularly important in videos that contain dialogue including many social media videos and corporate videos that videographers create. It takes an experienced videographer to know how to capture audio in difficult settings including when filming in noisy areas with lots of wind, traffic and background construction noise.
Your videographer should have a range of audio production equipment and importantly the knowledge of when to use each bit of equipment. Audio equipment that your videographer should have access to includes:
• Shotgun microphones (for both indoor and outdoor use)
• Lapel microphones
• Wireless transmitters
• Multi-Track Field Recorder
• Wind Protectors
• De-noise Software (post-production)

Camera Stabilisation Equipment

Stability and smooth motion will add additional production value to your video while shaky footage will make it unwatchable.
Your Melbourne based videographer should have a range of stability equipment that they are familiar with to help you get cinematic quality shots, including:
• 3-axis Gimbals
• Tripods (rated for video cameras)
• Track Slider

Is your videographer experienced enough?

As with any industry not all Melbourne videographers have the same level of experience, especially when creating videos across multiple industries. For example many corporate videographers have never filmed a real-estate video or a medical industry video (this doesn’t mean they are not capable of it, they just haven’t completed a video within this industry yet).
The key question is, does the videographer you are talking to have the experience to complete your specific job? And, if you are on a budget, what amount of risk are you happy to take on a cheaper option?

Experience will not always dictate quality but it will be an indicator of their ability to communicate, manage your video project, maintain quality and complete your video on time.
Remember, experience and equipment will most likely dictate the final cost of your video.

Is your videographer a wedding videographer or a business videographer?

Business Videographers and Wedding Videographers can have vastly different skillsets and we don’t advise that you use a wedding videographer to create your business videos.

A business videographer will be a specialist in exactly this, Business video creation. This means that you can rely on them to not only capture fantastic footage but also be able to navigate a business setting.

This means being able to talk to a CEO and get the most out of an interview with more technical people. Importantly, a business videographer should know how important your business is to you and to be efficient with your time and your staff’s time on the day.

Is Your Videographer Professional?

The Melbourne videographer you hire will be onsite with you filming on the day most probably at your businesses location.
This means that they will be visible to your clients and customers, other staff and will be engaging with you one on one.
So, having spoken or engaged with them over email are they professional?
Do you think that you can work with them over time and importantly will they represent not only their own organisation in its best light but yours as well?
A videographer should be a professional and be able to navigate their own industry but yours as well to a degree.


Videographers in Melbourne can be quite affordable if you know what you want and have a reasonable expectation of what can be achieved within your budget. I hope this article has provided some assistance to helping you understand how to better find a Melbourne Videographer to suit your video needs.

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Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti

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