All the Video Marketing Statistics in 2021 You Need to Know

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Most marketers will tell you how Video Marketing is the hottest topic right now and how you should jump on the wagon before it’s too late.

If you’re looking for data that shows you how massive video marketing currently is and how fast it will grow, this article is definitely for you.

The only thing that was winning in 2020 were videos. Since everyone was at home and online all the time, videos became extremely important for marketing and communication. Studies happened over the video, work calls were done through videos, and if you were bored from all the quarantining, you could watch a video to pass the time. 

The number of videos being made shot up drastically in 2020 but what are the statistics for 2021? Will the trends fade over time or will they continue to skyrocket?

This article will walk you through the various video marketing statistics like how around 94% of marketers plan to continue with video marketing for the foreseeable future.

Online Video Marketing Statistics

To start with, back in 2016, around 61% of businesses said they used videos as their marketing tool. Skip to 2021 and now there are 86% of businesses that use videos for marketing themselves.

Additionally, in 2016, only 88% of marketers believed videos were important to their strategy but nowadays, a strong 93% will agree.

Video Consumption

You can see this for yourself. People are spending more and more time watching videos online. Whether it’s cute videos about cats or streaming their favourite show, videos play an important role in people’s lives. 

A lot of people consume these videos while sitting at their desktops but most of the growth is brought by people who watch videos on their phones and tablets. Once you see the video consumption statistics, you’ll see how big videos are right now, why video marketing is important and understand videos potential to grow in the coming years.

  • 33% of people’s time is spent watching videos.
  • More than half (55%) of people watch videos online daily.
  • The average time spent watching videos online is nearly 2 hours and 24 minutes.
  • 28% of users watch a video on their phone every day.
  • While most people use their phones and tablets for most casual videos, desktop accounts for 87% of business-related video views.
  • 85% of marketers use YouTube, which makes it the most widely-used platform for videos.
  • It’s said that YouTube users watch around 1 billion hours of video each day.
  • Mobile users account for over 70% of YouTube’s total watch time.
  • An interesting statistic that you wouldn’t find in most places is that (22%) people tend to watch more business videos on Thursday instead of any other day. So if you’re looking to get more traction for your business videos, Thursday would be the best day to do that.
  • Websites contributed to the highest video content distribution with 85%, while social media accounted for 84%, with YouTube at just 67%.
  • A little more than half (52%) of viewers watch a video right until the video ends, which is an increase from 46% in 2017.
  • You should know that YouTube only counts a view once the viewer has seen at least 30 seconds. Facebook, on the other hand, counts a view after only 3 seconds.
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Video SEO

Now that you’ve seen how important videos can be and how valuable marketers find them, you know that creating a great video is an absolute must. However, to get more viewers to see your video, you need to optimize it in the right way. So this set of video statistics is a collection of results that come from YouTube SEO-focused industry research studies.

  • Through analyzing over 1 million YouTube Videos, it was found that the number of comments, views, shares, and likes were all strongly correlated to getting higher YouTube rankings. So engagement is a top concern to get your video to the trending list.
  • If you want your video to rank on the first page of YouTube, your videos need to have an average length of 14 minutes and 50 seconds.
  • Since HD videos account for around 68.2% of first-page videos on YouTube, make sure you create videos that are high-quality and not lower than 720p.
  • Videos that generate new subscribers tend to rank higher on average than those videos that don’t lead to new channel subscribers, so you need to constantly promote your videos to get new subscribers.

Video Marketing on Social Media

Top social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are slowly turning into video networks that aim to challenge YouTube head-to-head. But there is a reason why these platforms are pushing for more video content on their feeds. Check out these social media video stats.

  • Around 500 million people view videos on Facebook and users are 1.5x more likely to watch videos on their mobile than on their desktop.
  • 1 in 5 videos on Facebook is a live broadcast, showing how popular the platform is in the live streaming world.
  • Facebook video posts generate around 73% more engagements than photo or status posts. As mentioned earlier, if you want your video to get trending, you need to ensure there is some sort of engagement.
  • 85% of the videos that people watch on Facebook don’t have audio. That doesn’t mean you need to cut out the audio from your video, this is just an observation.
  • 93% of video views on Twitter happen on mobile phones.
  • The number of times social videos are shared is 12x higher than for images and text combined, which means you’re more than likely to get more shares on videos than with other forms of media.
  • A little less than half (49%) of consumers engage with brand videos on a daily basis on Facebook, while only 32% for YouTube and just 24% for Instagram.
  • 9 in 10 video marketers plan to use YouTube as a part of their main content strategy this year but Facebook isn’t too far behind and could be a strong competitor soon (76%).
  • 73% of marketers create at least two videos per month as part of their social media strategy, so if you’re not doing that too, you might get left behind.
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Video Marketing Conversion & ROI

Videos can be a powerful and emotional medium but what is the ROI that you can get from videos compared to text or audio? If you’ve wanted to know the stats on ROI and conversion rates for video marketing, here’s the answer.

  • By adding a video to a landing page, you can boost conversion rates by around 80%.
  • Simply including the word “video” in the subject line of an email can increase open rates by 19%.
  • Around 88% of marketers claim that videos have produced good returns.
  • You can use product videos to help eCommerce stores boost products purchased by 144%, which is almost 1.5 times more than what you would’ve got without a video. 
  • 84% of consumers believe that videos act as a convincing factor when they’re making a purchase.
  • According to a study, around 53% of people contact businesses after watching a video of theirs.
  • A little less than half (40%) of companies found that videos are the type of content that brings in the highest ROI.
  • If 83% of marketers generate leads using video marketing, that means you too should start using videos unless you want to lag behind.
  • Another study found that 71% of people who bought something had seen an online video from that particular brand.
  • Almost all (93%) of marketers claim that uploading videos on social led to gaining a new customer.
  • When you include a video on an eCommerce page, it can increase the average order value by 50% at least.
  • Explainer videos are quite common as around 96% of people have said they’ve seen these videos to get a better idea about a product.
  • Most (85%) companies use some form of analytics for their videos so they can see where they’re going wrong and what they’re doing right.
  • If you want more people to engage with your emails, you should know that you can gain nearly 41% more people by just including a video thumbnail.
  • Another sign you should have more product videos is when 65% of execs visit that product’s website after viewing a video about it, so you don’t want to miss out on that crowd.
  • If bounce rate is something that worries you, you can rest assured knowing that web visitors tend to stay on a site twice as long and browse more pages if the site includes a video.
  • The best video formats to generate conversions are demos and explainer videos. More people are likely to buy and use your product if they know more about its functions.
  • Including videos in your emails can improve open rates by around 20% and reduce unsubscribes by just over 25%.
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Forecasts & Predictions

You have already seen how powerful and impactful videos can be. Although it’s already a popular trend, online videos are still growing at a fast pace. Here are some stats on video marketing predictions.

  • Most (82%) internet traffic comes from videos, whether it’s from businesses or consumers.
  • The head of Facebook’s operations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East says that Facebook will be all video this year, which means you should get out your camera and start making those videos.
  • The projections for global digital video advertising spendings could reach over $52 billion by 2023. It just goes to show how much companies are willing to invest in video marketing.
  • Cisco predicted that by this year, 75% of worldwide mobile traffic data will be through videos.

This whole article has been about statistics on video marketing and how they’ve helped but how do people consume these videos? How long are they watching the videos for? This list of stats will focus on consumer preference and the trends that follow.

  • If you create videos that’s under 90 seconds, you can expect an average retention rate of 53%.
  • Google said that 30-second video ads placed on YouTube have 30% higher view-through rates than shorter 15-second ads.
  • Expect higher click rates on your emails by including links to videos.
  • If you upload a 1-minute video, a viewer will be willing to watch 3 times longer if the video was live instead. Basically, live videos are gaining traction, so you can use this to your advantage.
  • 80% of people who watch video ads can remember it even 30 days later and 86% of people would watch more videos if it’s from brands they support.

So how do businesses use videos? What’s working best for them? Do they recommend it to other professionals?

  • 84% of marketers find video content creation an important skill when they’re looking to hire new employees.
  • Marketers say their top challenge when creating videos is the time-consuming factor. However, it has always paid off in the long run.
  • The average brand has more than 300 videos in their library. That would be more than enough to answer questions and doubts about any products or services you offer.
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Looking forward: Usage & channels

So how do marketers plan to use videos in 2021? Here’s a brief look at what that could look like.

While almost everyone says they will continue using video marketing this year, 96% of people say they will either increase (67%) or maintain (29%) their spendings.
Around 63% of video marketers plan to include LinkedIn in their 2021 video marketing strategy, while 58% of video marketers plan to include Instagram, and 27% of video marketers plan to use InstagramTV.
Including webinars has become a good strategy too with around 53% of video marketers planning to include webinars in 2021.
Interestingly, 24% of video marketers plan to use interactive videos in their 2021 video marketing strategy, which is an increase of 3% from last year.


To end the list of video marketing stats, here are a handful of interesting and compelling quotes from leaders in the marketing field.

“Video can seem like just another challenge to overcome, but I see a major increase in my business and brand awareness, all from the power of video.” – Lewis Howes
“The beauty is that as companies get better and better with video, they’re also making sales in the process. This is what smart business and marketing is all about.” – Marcus Sheridan.
“Stop thinking of ‘Video Marketing’ as this separate entity that is optional for your business. A video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.” – James Wedmore.


So that’s been an extensive list of video content marketing stats that has hopefully convinced you to create more videos in 2021. If you’ve learned something new, then this article has done its job.

If you want to create videos and you have all the right ideas but not enough experience or equipment, you can always find reputable services through us here at Video Outcomes that can help you out.

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