build repeat customer bases using Paid social media advertisements on platforms such as Facebook, instagram and youtube

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Message Development & Strategy

Customer Profiling

Message development and Strategy - Define your Audience and Define what you offer them

By breaking down each aspect of what your business offers your ideal client base, Video Outcomes can effectively develop strong and clear messaging that resonate with your desired clients.

We will work with you to help define your ideal audience early in the development process and create an accurate customer profile.

Advertisements should be targeted to an audience on multiple levels. Physical metrics such as location, age and sex are important, but understanding the common interests and common behaviours of your clients can be just as important for message development as they are for advertisement targeting metrics.

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Video Production

PRODUCTION OF Online Video AdvertiseMents

Give your clients the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

Have your high quality and visually stunning message appear on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Our scalable production crews can handle large to small production requirements for camera; lighting; audio; editing and post production and actor services if required.

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Targeting & Customer Profiling

Specialist Targeting of ONLINE Advertisements

Your advertisement should only be seen by people that are interested in what your business offers.

Video Outcomes can get your message to directly to your client base and exclude the majority of the general population.

We excel at online targeting by creating a customer profile that will align your advertising message to your ideal client base.

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Measure Customer Interest

Advertisement Campaign Analysis

Detailed Analysis of online advertisements - measure customer interest

Video Outcomes will analyse the response to your advertisement, we can even make adjustments and improvements while it is running.

A/B test and measure the response of your advertisement against different audience segmentations.

Test two or more different advertisements and measure the engagement within a specific audience segmentation.