Use A wide array of video based marketing SERVICES to increase brand trust and improve organic seo

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organic Seo

Organic SEO

Video Outcome have expertise in organic search engine optimisation (SEO) services such as competitor analysis; keyword searching; creating backlinks; optimising website speed and optimising website content for search engines.

Video Outcomes also offers services in creating “quality content”, for SEO purposes - this quality content (often a video with the relevant content) is quickly becoming the most important factor that Google uses to categorise your website as a relevant authority to people that are looking for you online.


Content marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic and longer term marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Consumers are hungry for relevant content that is useful to them. Long term trust, customer loyalty, even search engine rankings can be improved if you release a consistent stream of video content that helps your clients and at the same time places yourself as the expert in your field.

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Content to display expertise

PLACE YOURSELF as an expert above your competition

Develop a content library that is directed solely at your clients interests. Develop video content that can help inform and solve some of their problems before your competition does it first.

This style of video is highly useful in e-mail campaigns to your already existing clientele. Making your clients aware of problems that you can help solve is a better way to engage customers continuously over time than standard “buy me now” style advertising.

A library of expertise content can be highly useful for climbing search engine rankings and is beginning to be a widely used supplementary method of advertising.

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Develop “How To” videos

Develop “How to” videos as part of your strategy

Youtube is the worlds 2nd most used search engine. Other than entertainment, the most searched for terms on Youtube are in the educational space and contain “How to”, or “How do i?” in the search query.

“How to” videos are commonly being used where traditional sales based advertising is saturated. This style of video offers your customer something useful in exchange for trust and loyalty.