Expand your Customer Database x10 and use email campaigns with up to 50% open rates


CustomeR Database Expansion

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Customer Database Expansion

expand your customer contact list by a factor of 10

Video Outcomes use a variety of techniques to locate and extract the e-mail contact details of potential clients.

These techniques produce incredible results for business to business (B2B) companies but can be equally effective in establishing highly relevant contacts from the general public.

Discover the benefits of increasing your client contact database by marketing solely to this group using a highly cost effective method.


Email Campaigns with above industry average open rates

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Email Campaigns

Proper marketing to e-mail contacts is often the most highly effective yet under-utilised marketing technique available to businesses.

Develop attractive e-mail campaigns that contain video to utilise the full potential of your e-mail database.

See open rates of up-to 50% by providing your clients content that is useful and relevant to them.

Email campaigns can be analysed in great detail for customer engagement to develop quicker and better sales leads.